Even After Ozzie Guillen Gets Suspended and Apologizes in Both Languages, Protests Continue

Apr 10, 2012
12:07 pm

So, let's get this straight, Ozzie Guillen gets suspended for five games, gives out countless apologies in both Spanish and English that were sincere and honest, but a small band of Cuban reactionaries are still protesting? Talk about a Castro grudge. This is not good for Miami, America, or the desire to live together as Americans. Dear Cuban exiles, yeah, we know there are problems with Castro and you can't stand the guy, but really? This is how you forgive someone? Sad. But we understand that in the end, your community can decide how it wants to handle the employment of a baseball mananger. Too bad you stay silent on other national issues that affect Latinos. We would love to have you join the cause.

Here are photos that the excellent coverage from the Twitter account of The Miami Herald just posted: