“Caine’s Arcade” Viral Movement Proves That the Internet Can Be Amazing and Awesome

Apr 14, 2012
10:08 am

If you don't get all emotional and hopeful for the power of the human spirit after watching "Caine's Arcade," then you got problems. The viral video hit is so amazing on so many levels. What do we love most about it? Caine's determination and passion for his arcade idea? The LA filmmaker who was Cain's only customer and wanted to share Caine's genius to the world? How about the power of the Internet in the social media era? 

This was a testament of love. Good for Caine. Good for everyone. ¡Viva love!

This is just beyond powerful, it represents all that is authentic and real about the Internet. If you are inspired like us, help Caine and others achieve their dreams by going to CainesArcade.com or by following the movement on Twitter or liking it on Facebook.

By the way, the response to Caine's scholarship fund has gone viral as well, as the LA Times reports.