Complete Video of the President’s Appearance With Jimmy Fallon

Apr 25, 2012
8:30 am

The President Obama "Rainbow Tour" continued last night as he made a very extended appearance on "Late Night with Jimmy Fallon." Here are segments of the entire appearance, including a special shout out to Comedy Central's "Key and Peele."


The show started with a little "Slow Jam'" of the news.

Then President Obama sat down with Fallon for a very long time. Here are all the embeds (sorry about the ads—blame NBC, not us).

In this segment, before he takes Twitter questions, the President addressed the Secret Service scandal and called the agents who were caught soliciting prostitutes in Colombia "knuckleheads."

The Twitter segment continued.

The interview started with Fallon asking the President about life in the White House and one of his embarrassing moments.

For those who have never seen "Luther" on Comedy Central, here is a clip.

Now back to the Fallon show.

The segment, which was taped at the University of North Carolina, also discussed higher education and student loans.