Hawaii to Arizona Secretary of State Ken Bennett: Here’s the Birth Certificate, Now Suck It

May 23, 2012
8:59 am

Maybe the state of Hawaii knew what it was doing all along. Arizona Secretary of State Ken Bennett, who oversees elections for his state and has faced a controversy for suggesting the President Obama would "possibly" not be on the November ballot, finally got the information he was requesting from Hawaii—the President's long-form birth certificate.

According to azcentral.com, Hawaii sent Bennett what he was asking for and then some. This is after Bennett claimed he wasn't a "birther" and suggested that "if I embarrassed the state [of Arizona], I apologize." Now who looks like the fool? Here is what the report says:

Arizona Secretary of State Ken Bennett said Tuesday night that he has received information from Hawaii that proves President Obama's American birth and satisfies Arizona's requirements for having the president on the upcoming election ballot.

A Hawaii official sent Bennett's office verification of birth for President Obama on Tuesday, according to both Bennett and Hawaii officials.

Bennett said the issue is now resolved from his point of view. He has cancelled a planned Wednesday news conference where he was expected to discuss the issue.

"I'm happy that we got what we asked for and that's what I was expecting all along," Bennett said Tuesday night.

The report continues:

On Tuesday Joshua A. Wisch, special assistant to the attorney general in Hawaii, said the matter had been resolved.

"We have received information from Secretary Bennett that satisfied our requirement and has therefore provided his office with a verification of birth for President Obama," Wisch wrote in an email.