Dee Dee García Blase Is Back… And This Time She Is Guaranteeing a Win for Sheriff Joe Arpaio

Sep 16, 2012
10:30 am

After spending our early days last year exploring how Dee Dee García Blase's Tequila Party was just making a mockery of Latino outreach with a name that would work better in a Pee Wee Herman movie than in an actual political campaign, we soon realized that giving García Blase any more attention would just be a waste of our time. Soon, we moved on and began to focus on other stories that actually mattered to our readers.

However, García Blase is back in our news feed, and for all the wrong reasons.

With less that two months left to go before Maricopa County Sheriff Joe Arpaio faces what will be appear to be a tough Election Day challenge, García Blase has been aggressively campaigning for independent candidate Mike Stauffer and shamelessly smearing Democratic candidate Paul PenzoneThe Phoenix New Times has published a series of articles by Stephen Lemons chronicling how García Blase is on a warpath in attacking Penzone. García Blase's Tequila Party Facebook page also recently posted the following four memes about Penzone:

Besides these meme, García Blase has revealed more details and accusations about Penzone on the Gannett-owned Tucson Citizen blog page. Problem is, Lemons had already offered detailed accounts that what García Blase is publishing about Penzone is shameful and false, but that doesn't seem to be stopping García Blase.

Anyone who has a basic knowledge of campaign politics knows that when you are trying to unseat a very polarizing figure like Arpaio, the last thing you want is a crowded field. A recent poll commissioned by Penzone and published in Arizona Central claims that Penzone is down just six percentage points to Arpaio. A piece by Fox News Latino with material from the Associated Press reported that Arpaio is facing his toughest re-election bid ever. When Stauffer's campaign questioned the Penzone poll numbers, they referred to an Internet poll as proof. (SIDE NOTE, ever since Stauffer campaign manager Kenyon West claimed the the Internet poll proved that Stauffer had better numbers, Internet users immediately went online to vote and propel Penzone to first place.) 

More reports about the Penzone numbers still suggest that a two-person race might be the best chance of unseating Arpaio (full release of poll here), while a three-person race keeps Arpaio in office. So in essence, García Blase and her Tequila Party antics, if they continue and if Stauffer is stubborn enough to stay in the race, will very likely guarantee another Arpaio victory.

We understand that García Blase can do whatever she likes and use her online pages to publish her opinions. But she should at least admit to the fact that she has been supporting Stauffer for over a year and when she was head of SOMOS Republicans, she proudly shared this revelation to people as the following email obtained by the Rebels suggests: 

Blase García forwarded the following email to other members of SOMOS Republicans as well as members of the press.

Joe Arpaio's opponent, Mike Stauffer, influenced by SOMOS Republicans to run as an Independent voter. Huge news and press conference set for Monday. I have been told by several country club Republicans who own large franchises and hotels that they are switching to I party, so this is to now surprise to me. Immigration issue is hurting the pocket books of the wealthy and harsh laws are costing millions of taxpayer dollars defending racial profiling lawsuits. I'm ecstatic with below letter from Mike Stauffer.

——– Original Message ——–

Subject: Fwd: Note

From: deedee@[address withdrawn]

Date: Fri, September 30, 2011 6:24 pm

To: [Name withdrawn]

[Name withdrawn],

I did it! I am influencing LIFE LONG REPUBLICANS to go Independent to beat nativists out of the GOP! Mike Stauffer is running against Sheriff Joe Arpaio, and I debated with his campaign manager two months ago on why he should run as an I in an effort to rid GOP of extremists. He made his decision last night to run as an Independent and said much had to do with our influence. To SOMOS REPUBLICANS! We continue to try to fix the Republican Party, but unfortunately, it looks like 2012 will be a year of cleansing. I work on the ground with fellow people who work voter registration drives specifically targeted to Latino/Hispanic outreach. While Latinos are mad at Obama….they tell me they still feel safer with D's because of the hostility of the nativist/tea party extremists that has drowned out the pro-life and pro family party messaging. 14th amendment bills did not help us at all. Anyway, see below. We are getting behind Mike Stauffer! I'm ecstatic Arpaio's opponent was influenced by Somos!

Yours, D

< —– Forwarded message from west@[address withdrawn] —–

Date: Fri, 30 Sep 2011 17:55:04 -0700

From: West Kenyon <address withdrawn>

Subject: Note

To: deedee@[address withdrawn]

DeeDee, Mike asked me to forward this note to you in appreciation of your support and encouragement throughout the campaign. Please feel free to contact me should you have any questions.

Thank you again, West

Dear DeeDee, Thank you so much for your vote of confidence throughout my campaign to date. As you know I have refiled as an Independent. While I have been a registered Republican my entire life, I believe that the extremist positions and the attempt to insinuate those positions into law enforcement taken by the Maricopa County Republican Committee and various Republican leaders in Maricopa County are incompatible with the principles of American law enforcement.

By running and serving as an Independent, I will have the opportunity to run a professional agency free from partisan agendas, enabling the MCSO to become the agency to look to for doing things right while doing the right thing.

I appreciate our conversation and the insight you give me. This contributed in part to this very important decision in how I will serve Maricopa County.


Lt. Mike Stauffer

Maricopa County Sheriff Candidate – 2012

So if Blase García wants to attack Penzone in the hopes that Stauffer gets the 40%-50% additional percentage he needs to unseat Arpaio, at least tell the entire truth. Granted, Blase García is no longer with SOMOS Republicans, but she is still heavily associated with The Tequila Party and has also started a new group called Somos Independents (8 likes on Facebook so far). On this page, she is posting pro-Stauffer messages:

DeeDee, maybe in this case, it might be best to just cut your losses. Focus on Arpaio and getting him defeated, because right now, Sheriff Joe is going to win and you will have played a part in making that happen.