Sigh, We Love You, Colbert, So Please, No More Esteban Colberto? Gracias

Sep 21, 2012
11:11 am

So this week is all about Mitt Romney and his Univision spray tan. Yesterday, our feeds were filled with Romney memes that went viral, including ours, which we posted early in the game and was shared by many.

And last night on the Colbert Report, Stephen Colbert interviewed his "Latino counterpart," Esteban Colberto, in response to the whole issue as to why Romney is having issues with the Latino vote.

Before we comment about last night's bit, here it is:

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Mitt Romney's Hispanic Outreach – Esteban Colberto
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Our take? Here it goes. Ok, someone on the Colbert staff knows Spanish since the translation wasn't that bad. And the IDEA of a Latino Stephen Colbert is actually kid of witty, BUT, and here it goes, the skit still felt a bit superficial and stale. We don't know, but something just turns us off when we see non-Latinos mock Latino culture. We just wonder if Colbert would be able to get kudos if he came out as other "ethnic" characters. Would it be witty if he were a Black character asking the same question about why Romney can't even get any appeal from Black voters? That is the problem. Right now, Latinos are the "it" group, and it still doesn't feel authentic or witty enough for us.

In the end, the new comedy targets are US Latinos, and we aren't really laughing that hard. We aren't offended (we are kind of past that since this type of comedy is becoming so common, we are starting to tune out from it). We just aren't laughing and thinking that this is comedic genius. Colbert missed the mark on this one. Maybe we are so beyond the whole "every Latino is part of a Sábado Gigante world" and we are all kitchy and foreign. Maybe we just want to see comedy that reflects the world we live in. When we see people like Esteban Colberto, it feels like this comedy is still stuck in some bad Fernando's Hideaway Billy Crystal skit.

Here's a thought for Colbert: why don't you actually bring new Latino comedy talents who are part of a newer generation of talent that is thinking more in bicultural and bilingual world and not in a Telemundo/Univision one? Bring a bit more authenticity to your "Latino" bits. When it comes to your attempts, your writers barely scratch the surface. Although, kudos on the Spanish writing.

Sure, Esteban had his moments, but this skit could have been so much better if it actually dove a bit more in the nuances of the Romney Hispandering and not just say the same old thing: Latino men are flashy, loud, sexy, racist, macho, foreign, etc. etc. etc. Yawn. We will stick to memes about spray tans.