SNL Sticks to Sweet Spot: Post-Debate Satire from Obama’s Performance to MSNBC’s Meltdown

Oct 8, 2012
8:53 am

In case you missed SNL this weekend, you knew they would have plenty of political parody.

The first one was the cold open where the presidential debate was front and center. They nailed it. Jay Pharoah as the distracted Obama and Jason Sudeikis as Romney were perfect satire.

Then of course was the MSNBC meltdown. Brilliant.

A little Weekend Update to add to the mix.

And to top it all off, even Big Bird even made an appearance.

This is why SNL still can be relevant. Stick to the political satire. It almost writes itself.

Now if we can see less of Cecilia Giménez. Really, this is a Spanish accent? Come on. Please just stick to politics, SNL.