New Arizona Poll Has Obama Leading Romney 80%-14% Among Latino Voters

Today, America's Voice released results from a Arizona poll conducted by Latino Decisions. The following chart shows some of the poll's key findings. For the full poll, click here.

55%The percentage of Arizona Latino voters who rank immigration as a top issue that Congress and the President should address (this is HIGHER than those who rank jobs/economy as a top priority, at 44%)
92%Percentage of Arizona Latino voters who say that immigration as a topic is important to their voting decision
77%Obama approval rating among Arizona Latino voters
80%Percentage of Arizona Latino voters who support Obama’s reelection, compared to 14% supporting Romney
75%Percentage of Arizona Latino voters supporting Arizona Senatorial candidate Richard Carmona (D), compared to 12% supporting Republican Jeff Flake
64%Percentage of Arizona Latino voters who say that President Obama’s deferred action policy makes them more enthusiastic about Obama
66%Percentage of Arizona Latino voters who say that Mitt Romney’s support of self-deportation and harsh anti-immigrant laws makes them less enthusiastic about Romney
69%Percentage of Arizona Latino voters who say they know someone who is an undocumented immigrant
55%Percentage of Arizona Latino voters who say they know a DREAMer
90%Percentage of Arizona Latino voters who say they are enthusiastic about voting in November

Here is here how the poll was conducted: "A total of 400 Latino registered voters in Arizona were interviewed September 29-October 4, 2012 by Latino Decisions for America’s Voice. Interviews were conducted in English or Spanish, at the preference of the respondent, all conducted by bilingual interviewers at Latino Decisions calling center, Pacific Market Research. The survey averaged 12 minutes in length, and has an overall margin of error of 4.9% on results that approach a 50/50 distribution. All respondents confirm that they are Hispanic or Latino and currently registered to vote."

So, what do you think? Does that make sense to you?

PS You can see poll results of other swing states here. Yeah, did we just call Arizona a swing state? Maybe.


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