The Ultimate Buzz Kill: Márquez Dedicates Stunning Victory Over Pacquiao to Peña Nieto

Well, that didn't last long.

After the social media space (especially in Mexico and US Latinolandia) went bonkers early Sunday morning to celebrate the stunning victory by Juan Manuel Márquez over Manny Pacquiao in a non-title fight (video below), once Márquez got congratulated by Mexican president Enrique Peña Nieto and Márquez dedicated his victory to Peña Nieto, the part ended rather quickly with #ChingaTuMadreMarquez (F Your Mom, Marquez) trending globally on Twitter.

Let's just say that Peña Nieto isn't that popular these days in Mexico, and the latest #1DMx protests against the president have left an ugly stain on the country. Márquez went from superstar hero to superstar goat in just hours. And this is is how we feel.


Never have like mixing politics or religion with sports. Classic example, Curt Schilling.

latinorebels moderator

Ali seemed to be the only one who managed it. @DignityPeace


@latinorebels Not sure. Getting banned from your sport for three years is pretty harsh. Obviously, Ali created his detractors and his greatness combined with growing unpopularity of the war took some of the political heat off of him. I think people (maybe myself included) look to sports as a refuge from the cares of politics and daily life. That's what is going on here with Marquez, Mexico just wanted to rally behind as a nation and then he jumped into source of division tearing apart his country. I guess I would use my status as a platform to advance something and if you don't say anything, you are implicitly supporting the status quo. I guess we just have to face the fact that certain abilities aren't necessarily accompanied by good beliefs.