#NoMames: South Carolina Mexican Restaurant Fails With “Illegal Immigrant” Shirt

Of course this is in South Carolina, why not? Today’s #NoMames is clearly this Taco Cid shirt that was posted on the Palmetto Public Record’s online page yesterday. Are you f-ing kidding us?


Nope. Apparently not. And the Taco Cid company actually addressed the shirt with a statement on its web site. We’re not racists. Yeah, right. Just read for yourself


Here is what they said:

Our t-shirts were created as a witty and comical statement regarding ILLEGAL immigrants. There are NO racial nor hate remarks towards any specific ethnic group.

Taco Cid and its employees are not racist. We will serve EVERY individual with the same quality of service, respect in a friendly and welcoming manner.

Our food is fresh and prepared and served in the SAME QUALITY and QUANTITY, regardless of your race, religion or political views.

As most tax paying Americans, we do believe ILLEGAL immigrants are taxing the system we support and live under, thereby, causing us to work harder and pay more taxes in support of their illegal activities which our government has simply chosen to look the other way. Is it racist to disagree with those who are not supporting the American system?

We are an equal opportunity employer and will hire anyone who meets our needs and is a legal citizen or immigrant. We do not hire illegal immigrants. Our employees pay taxes.

We are open Monday through Saturday and closed Sundays — in observance of a day of worship.

If you do not agree with our views on ILLEGAL immigrants, please do not visit our establishment. If you agree with our view on American Equality in citizenship and tax fairness, then show your support and come join us for lunch or dinner.

We look forward to serving you.

WTF. Hit it, Gollum.

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Latino News Roundup for January 7th, 2013

Latino News Roundup Edition from HispanicTips:


Ted Cruz emerges as leading Latino opponent of gun controls
     From: www.voxxi.com

Connecticut to issue driver’s licenses to young people under ‘deferred action’ immigration program (video)
     From: www.nhregister.com

Four Latino Congress members won’t return to Congress – Charlie Gonzalez (D-Texas), Joe Baca (D-Calif.), Francisco “Quico” Canseco (R-Texas), and David Rivera (R-Fla.)
     From: www.voxxi.com

Game on: Rep. Gutierrez Joins House Judiciary Committee to Fight for Immigration Reform
     From: americasvoiceonline.org

From Race To Ethnicity: Census Rethinks Hispanic On Questionnaire
     From: www.huffingtonpost.com

Zapatista March: The Deafening Silence of Resurgence
     From: upsidedownworld.org

Rep. Joaquín Castro elected president of freshman Democrats
     From: www.mysanantonio.com

Steve King Introduces Bill To Stop ‘Anchor Babies’ and change the 14th Amendment
     From: www.huffingtonpost.com

While in womb, babies begin learning language from their mothers- Babies only hours old are able to differentiate between sounds from their native language and a foreign language, scientists have discovered.
     From: scienceblog.com

Fox Nation v. Fox News Latino On Obama’s New Immigration Rule – once again selling different versions of the same story to pander to conservative audiences while simultaneously attempting to court Latino readers
     From: mediamatters.org

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WAPA: We Are Not Organizing Anti-Boycott Pages Nor Condoning Homophobic Statements

This afternoon, we received a statement from WAPA in response to our requests for comments about how a staffer for the “SuperXclusivo” show was caught sharing disparaging homophobic conspiracy theories against the Boicot La Comay movement.


We submitted questions for WAPA about the public social media posts of “SuperXclusivo” staffer Dagmarie Berrios, who publicly mocked LGBT activist and boycott supporter Pedro Julio Serrano, and who also posted a pro-Comay Twitter pic from inside WAPA’s building. Since we raised these questions, the social media profiles in question have been deleted from Facebook and Twitter. You can see the screen captures here (English version, Spanish version).

Besides telling us that WAPA president Joe Ramos is not giving interviews “at this time,” here is what a WAPA spokesperson shared with us:

“WAPA is not organizing the anti-boycott page. We do not condone derogatory language of any kind. We were made aware of the postings by an alleged employee of SuperXclusivo late last week. Today is the first day the SuperXclusivo staff is back from their holiday vacation, and we are working with them to look into the matter.”

“Wapa no maneja ni controla la página anti-boicot. No apoyamos ni toleramos el uso de ningún tipo de lenguaje despectivo. Nos enteramos de comentarios escritos alegadamente por una empleada de SúperXclusivo la semana pasada. Hoy, la producción y empleados del programa regresaron de sus vacaciones del periodo navideño y estamos trabajando con ellos para investigar este asunto.”

We have asked WAPA to update us on any further developments, since there are questions that they have not answered yet. Here are three topics and developments we have shared with them:

  • We were approached for an interview by a Facebook profile claiming to be Kobbo Santarrosa, the actor who portrays La Comay on the air. We have record of that conversation, even though the profile is no longer on Facebook.
  • There are allegations that people associated with “SuperXclusivo” have been involved with the administration of anti-Serrano and pro-Comay pages on Facebook.
  • In addition, WAPA’s statement did not mention whether Ramos has talked with leaders of the boycott, which he promised he would do so during a HuffPost Live segment on December 20.

Empleada de “SuperXclusivo” promueve teorías de conspiración homofóbicas

4:45 EST, 7 de enero: WAPA nos respondió.

Antes de las navidades, WAPA se apresuró a condenar correos electrónicos homofóbicos enviados por un empleado, respondiendo a los comentarios de un individuo. Los mensajes oficiales afirmaban que un group de partidarios de Boicot a La Comay, estaba “MUY INFLUENCIADO POR PERSONAS DEL MUNDO ‘GAY’”.

Hasta ahora más de 45 compañías han retirado su publicidad del programa. Además, la página web del programa no contiene publicidad alguna. (Otras páginas online de WAPA aún contienen publicidad, pero no “SuperXclusivo”).

Se ha convertido en un problema de relaciones públicas para Joe Ramos, presidente de WAPA, y parece que el problema no va a desaparecer.

Incluso después de que Ramos fue entrevistado por HuffPost Live y sugirió que el empleado en cuestión estaba siendo atendido/a, e incluso después de que WAPA nos dijo a nosotros que habían “tomado medidas para asegurarse de que nadie más recibiría este tipo de comunicación de parte de WAPA” y le dijo a ABC News de que “ningún empleado de WAPA que envía un correo electrónico como este tiene un lugar en la compañía”, parece que aparentemente otro empleado de SuperXclusivo ha publicado un mensaje público contra el activista Pedro Julio Serrano, uno de los partidarios más conocidos del boicot.

Estos mensajes, que se encontraron en las redes sociales, llamaron la atención del individuo quien recibió los correos electrónicos homofóbicos originales. Según este individuo, el perfil de Facebook de Dagmarie SuperXclusivo contenía enlaces y comentarios “burlándose de Pedro Julio Serrano.” El individuo escribió que los mensajes “son una violación directa de los acuerdos que [WAPA] hizo con GLAAD [organización contra la discriminación] en 2010. Además hay un enlace donde Dagmarie se conecta directamente a la página oficial de SuperXclusivo, identificándolo como su patrono, un enlace que no se puede hacer a menos que SuperXclusivo lo hiciera. No se puede negar que ella está trabajando en algunas funciones oficiales para SuperXclusivo”.

Dagmarie2 name removed Dagmarie6 name removed

El 3 de enero el individuo compartió la siguiente imagen que muestra a Dagmarie SuperXclusivo burlándose de Serrano, quien estaba recaudando fondos para promover una campaña sobre la igualdad de derechos en Puerto Rico. Dagmarie pidió a la gente que boicotara a Serrano. También compartió esta imagen con otras páginas que se formaron para apoyar a La Comay, páginas donde sus seguidores usan insultos como “pato” y “maricón” para describir a Serrano y a los que apoyan el boicot. Las páginas pro-Comay han borrado los comentarios de Dagmarie.


Esta no era la primera vez que el perfil de Facebook de Dagmarie Superxclusivo compartió contenido apoyando a La Comay. Pocos días después de que el boicot fue cobrando impulso, el perfil también compartió la siguiente imagen. La página pro-Comay mencionada en este mensaje también contiene muchos comentarios contra los homosexuales.


Una vez que estas imágenes fueron compartidas con WAPA por correo electrónico, el perfil de Dagmarie se eliminó de Facebook. Desapareció el viernes 4 de enero por la tarde. Sin embargo, existe el perfil de Dagmarie Berríos en Twitter, donde se muestra lo que parece ser la sala de control en WAPA (con pantallas de “SuperXclusivo” en la imagen):


El 7 de diciembre, el perfil compartió una foto de Berríos con otra persona. La foto se tomó en el interior de una oficina con videos (muy probable WAPA). Berríos y el otro individuo tienen letreros de “Todos Somos La Comay”, haciendo referencia al movimiento #TodosSomosJoseEnrique, que comenzó cuando Gómez fue asesinado. (ACTUALIZACIÓN, 7 de enero 10:30 am: La cuenta de Berríos se borró de Twitter.)

Nosotros contactamos a WAPA el 4 de enero para obtener más información acerca de por qué un empleado de SuperXclusivo estaba públicamente promoviendo contenido contra el boicot y burlándose de Serrano, especialmente teniendo en cuenta lo que pasó con los correos electrónicos homofóbicos que se enviaron antes de las navidades.

Además, también tuvimos varias preguntas para WAPA, como las siguientes:

  • La posibilidad de que algunas de las páginas que apoyan a La Comay están siendo administradas por personas relacionadas con “SuperXclusivo”.
  • ¿Por qué Ramos todavía no se ha comunicado con los organizadores del boicot después de prometerlo en HuffPost Live?
  • La veracidad de una solicitud de entrevista que nuestro jefe, Julio Ricardo Varela, recibió a través de Facebook durante las navidades de una persona que se dice ser Kobbo Santarrosa.

También solicitamos formalmente una entrevista con Ramos y/o Santarrosa.

A partir de esta mañana, a pesar de que WAPA nos dejó un mensaje telefónico de 12 segundos el sábado por la noche, diciendo que los llamáramos, ayer intentamos comunicarnos con WAPA por texto y correo electrónico. Todavía no hemos recibido ninguna respuesta. El viernes, WAPA nos dijo que Ramos estaba en una reunión de toda la tarde, pero que WAPA quería hablar con nosotros. Hemos esperado tres días después de decirle a WAPA que íbamos publicar esta información. Hasta ahora, no hemos escuchado nada de ellos, a excepción del mensaje telefónico.

“SuperXclusivo” Employee Caught Promoting Homophobic Conspiracy Theories

4:45 EST, January 7: WAPA responded to us.

On December 19, Puerto Rico’s WAPA-TV, which broadcasts the controversial “SuperXclusivo” show in Puerto Rico and the United States, was quick to condemn homophobic emails sent out by a show employee in response to a reader question. Those official “SuperXclusivo” emails claimed that supporters of a boycott against the show and its puppet host, La Comay, were all being “influenced by gays.”

The boycott was formed after a December 4 episode of the show crossed the “blame the victim” line yet again when La Comay (played by actor Kobbo Santarrosa) and co-host Héctor Travieso suggested emphatically that slain publicist José Enrique Gómez was looking for trouble. Since that time, over 45 brands have pulled their advertising from the show. In addition, the current web page of the show now contains no advertising at all. (Other online WAPA pages still contain advertising, but not “SuperXclusivo.”)

It has become a public relations problem WAPA-TV president Joe Ramos would rather not have, and it looks like the problem is not going away.

Even after Ramos went on HuffPost Live and suggested that the staffer in question was being taken care of, and even after WAPA told this outlet that they had “taken steps to ensure that no one else receives this type of communication from WAPA” and told ABC News that “no employee of WAPA who sends an email like that has a place at the company,” apparently another SuperXclusivo staffer has continued to post content against LGBT activist, Pedro Julio Serrano, one of the boycott’s most vocal supporters.

Such postings caught the attention of the individual who was the recipient of the original “gay agenda” emails a SuperXclusivo staffer sent to him. According to this individual, the Facebook profile of Dagmarie SuperXclusivo contained recent posts “mocking Pedro Julio Serrano.” Such posts “are in DIRECT violation of agreements that [WAPA] made with GLAAD in 2010. Dagmarie’s page links directly to the official SuperXclusivo page as her employer, and that link cannot be made unless SuperXclusivo makes it, so you cannot deny that she is working in some official capacity for SuperXclusivo.”

Dagmarie2 name removed Dagmarie6 name removed

On January 3 the individual also shared the following screen capture, which shows Dagmarie SuperXclusivo mocking Serrano for his call to raise funds to promote awareness about equal rights in Puerto Rico. Dagmarie asked people to boycott Serrano. She also shared this image with others pro-Comay pages, which have been known to have followers who use gay slurs (pato, maricón) in Spanish to describe Serrano and those that support the boycott. The pro-Comay pages we checked have deleted those shares.


This was not the first time that the Dagmarie Facebook profile shared pro-Comay content on her page. A few days after the boycott was gaining momentum, the profile also shared the following. The pro-Comay page mentioned in this Facebook share is also known for anti-gay comments.


Once these screen captures were shared with WAPA via email, Dagmarie’s profile was no longer on Facebook. It was deleted on Friday January 4. However, there is a Dagmarie Berrios on Twitter whose profile shows what looks to be the WAPA control room (with TV screens displaying “SuperXclusivo” in the background):


On December 7, a photo of Berrios with another person was tweeted from her profile. It shows them inside a video library (very likely WAPA’s), holding “Todos Somos La Comay” signs, in reference to the #TodosSomosJoseEnrique movement that started when Gómez was killed. (UPDATE, January 7 10:30 am: Berrios’ Twitter account no longer exists.)

We contacted WAPA on Friday morning to get more information about why would a SuperXclusivo staffer was publicly pushing anti-boycott posts and mocking Serrano, especially given what just happened on December 20.

In addition, we also had several questions for WAPA, which included the following:

  • Allegations that some of the pro-Comay pages are being administered by people associated with “SuperXclusivo”
  • Whether Ramos had ever talked with the boycott organizers after promising to do so on HuffPost Live
  • The veracity of an interview request we received via Facebook over the holidays from a person who was claiming to be Kobbo Santarrosa.

We also formally asked for an interview with Ramos and/or Santarrosa.

As of tonight, even though WAPA left us a 12-second voice mail Saturday evening saying to call them back, we contacted them today via text and email, and we have heard nothing back. On Friday, we were told that Ramos was in a meeting all afternoon, but that WAPA wanted to talk with us. We have waited three days after telling WAPA that we would be running this piece. So far, we have heard nothing from them, except for the voice mail.