Kobbo Santarrosa, Creator of “La Comay,” Resigns from WAPA TV

UPDATE, January 9, 2013, 8:35 AM EST: Santarrosa has confirmed that he resigned from WAPA. The network has yet to comment.

After El Nuevo Día reported that actor/producer Kobbo Santarrosa, the man behind the controversial “SuperXclusivo” show and the face behind the “La Comay” puppet persona, walked out of WAPA TV in response to revisions to the show announced by WAPA president Joe Ramos, Primera Hora reported minutes later that Santarrosa submitted his resignation to the network.


In fact, according to Primera Hora, Santarrosa submitted his resignation yesterday, but the network did not accept it. Updates from END said that the network tried to convince Santarrosa with an offer to change his decision, but to no avail. END also said that Santarrosa’s contract had expired on December 31.

The network ran a repeat of Monday evening’s show, and according to a source that spoke to El Nuevo Día, Santarrosa walked out of WAPA around 5 pm local time because “he was not going to do the show based on the conditions that the network imposed on him after the controversy surrounding the death of slain publicist José Enrique Gómez.”

Latino Rebels left a message with our contact at WAPA, seeking comment, but our calls have not been returned.

More #NoMames Casting Hell: The “MI VIDA LOCA” Fail

Is today Bad Latina Stereotype Casting Call Day?

Earlier this morning we ran a piece about a casting call looking for “Hot Latina Moms,” and now a few of our community members sent us the “Mi Vida Loca” casting call. You know we just HAD to say #NoMames.


Read this:

495 Productions & Doron Ofir Casting are on the hunt for fiery, passionate, spanish speaking bi-lingual goddesses who are those beautiful, exciting, mami chulas NY is notorious for! You’ve got the style, the body, the fashion, the passion and the tough exterior to protect your corazón gigante that beats to the rhythm of Salsa and Meringue, and pumps with the heat of the Spanish Caribbean.

Whether you are from Washington Heights, the Lower East Sidah, Spanish Harlem, or the Bronx, you’re a native New Yorker; born and raised, you talk the talk and without a doubt walk the walk, even in your chancletas! The barrio you call home, where everyone from the salon to the bodega knows your name; the stoops and the street corners never change, and when you strut your stuff down the block with your head held high, everybody shows you respect. You’re the real Jenny from the block and you’re ready to prove it.

So if you are a fluent english speaking female with spanish flair who’s at least 21 years old and appears younger than 35, ready to be our tour guide on an adventure through your vida loca on the hottest new television project apply now!

Get it gurl, round up your neighborhood crew and the familia cause this is the chance to take your life to new heights! Represent!

Seriously? Not only does thew show looks like it will suck, but who writes this copy? (And using “Mi Vida Loca,” do people not have a sense of any history?). We asked two @Jawnita and @Conrazon what they thought. Here is what they sent us:

Actually I’m mad at this casting call for not getting “Ay Dios Mio” anywhere in there. Not thorough on your stereotypes, a–holes!
It invoked “Jenny from the block”!! HAHA JESUS
Dap said it’s ‘extremely exhaustive and pretty impressive’ in how it hit every offensive cliché about Latinas.

I’m out here every f-ng day meeting with men (as a professional artist manager—developing good art for the world to hear on a big level), fighting to be taken seriously. This is going to be ANOTHER thing in the back of people’s minds when I have so many sisters, beautiful Latin sisters who are out there EVERY F-NG DAY—trying to counter the image that this ad is begging to cast.

Truth. We couldn’t have said it better ourselves.

Latino News Roundup for January 8th, 2013

Latino News Roundup Edition from HispanicTips:


Most Popular Hispanic Baby Names In 2012: Sofía And Santiago Continue To Top List
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Cowboy Candy (Candied Jalapeños)
     From: www.muybuenocookbook.com

Kennedy Center to review Honors process after group says Latinos excluded
     From: www.cbsnews.com

Connecticut Gov. Dannel Malloy nominates Carmen Espinosa for state Supreme Court; would be first Hispanic justice
     From: www.nhregister.com

Bernardo Ruiz’s documentary “Reportero” on the dangers of reporting on cartel activities in Mexico premieres tonight on PBS.
     From: www.mediamoves.com

Univision to revamp its secondary Spanish language network – Telefutura will become UniMas. Univision plans to stock the channel with shows from Colombia and Mexico as well as a heavy dose of sports to appeal to young viewers, especially Latino men under 35.
     From: www.latimes.com

Best Break Up Songs in Spanish…According to Las Gringas
     From: lasgringasblog.com

PR: U.S. Spends More on Immigration Enforcement than on FBI, DEA, Secret Service & All Other Federal Criminal Law Enforcement Agencies Combined – Nearly $187 Billion Spent on Federal Immigration Enforcement over Past 26 Years
     From: www.hispanictips.com

Browning Up the Legislature: Your Guide to Latinos in the New Congress
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Monique Frausto: Latina Food Bloggers: The New Storytellers
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Reality Show Casting for Hot Latina Moms? Please Stop the Insanity

We got this one from the very cool Chica and the City blog. The blog published the following post, “Casting Call For ‘Hot Blooded’ Latina Moms Makes My Blood Boil.” So we did a little digging.


Here is the scoop. RealityWanted.com published the following casting call for DaM Legacy Entertainment (by the way, if you are going to push for the “hot Latina mom” stereotype, at least spell Sofía Vergara’s name right the next time):

Do your friends describe you as a HOT Latina mom…even go so far to call you the real life Sofia Vegara [sic]?

New TV Show is now searching for hot blooded, passionate, attractive, Latina moms that have effectively raised successful children through real life, old-school Latin traditions.

It’s a tough job being a mom. Being a tough mom makes a kid into a functioning young adult. Looking for moms who aren’t afraid to be strict, have solid rules, and who are unaffected by the whisperings, and judgment of other moms and dads.

Looking for Latina Moms who stand behind their parenting style 100%, and who will stand up and show us how it’s done! These days there are too many excuses, too much whining, too much ‘hurt feelings’…its a real hard world out there…but it can be a lot easier if you were raised right. I want Moms who raised their kids right!! And who can talk the talk of the walk they walked!

Requirements: Real Latina Moms who are as big and brash and full of confidence in their parenting style! Should have at least on kid in his/her 20′s.

As Chica and the City says:

The site on which the ad appears, www.RealityWanted.com, claims that they perform background checks on the casting agencies that utilized their services, stating, “Unlike other casting sites and publications we do not allow just anyone to post a casting call. Casting professionals must register for an account and allow us to do some background work before they are allowed to post notices, if things don’t check out the account is declined. We review every casting call posting before it is set live to ensure accuracy.” However, despite Reality Wanted’s rigorous background checks, no information can be found on Dam Legacy Entertainment. Interesting.

Whatever the deal with this casting call is, it’s highly offensive to the Latino community. The post perpetuates stereotypes of loud, brash and abusive Latino families, and further sexualizes Latinas in the media. I truly hope that this casting call isn’t at all legitimate, because there are still too few positive representations of Latinos in mainstream television, making the addition of another negative stereotype stand out all the more.

Chica and the City is right. DaM Legacy Entertainment has a very minimal online presence, although LinkedIn lists Marie Malyszek, the former Lead Casting Director for MTV Networks, as its president. MTV Networks? Why does that not surprise us.