WAPA Releases Statement About Departure of Kobbo Santarrosa From “SuperXclusivo”

In light of recent developments surrounding the departure of Kobbo Santarrosa from WAPA TV’s “SuperXclusivo” show, WAPA released the following statement in Spanish around 6:10 pm EST, with a revision at 6:31 pm EST:


SAN JUAN, PR – Kobbo Santarrosa renunció a SuperXclusivo. A pesar de haber llegado a un acuerdo satisfactorio entre las partes el pasado lunes 7 de enero, que permitiría la continuación del programa, ayer martes, el Sr. Santarrosa abandonó las instalaciones del canal minutos antes de iniciar la producción del programa.

La decisión fue tomada unilateralmente sin comunicarlo a la administración de WAPA.

WAPA lamenta profundamente el malestar que ha causado esta situación a nuestros fieles televidentes.

Agradecemos al Sr. Santarrosa por los 14 años en que formó parte de la familia de WAPA, tiempo durante el cual recibió todo el apoyo de parte del Canal.

En vista que el contrato del Sr. Santarrosa se encontraba próximo a terminar en marzo 2013, WAPA estaba desarrollando planes para producir un nuevo programa, en caso de que este contrato no se renovara.

Este nuevo programa será anunciado próximamente. Nos sentimos seguros que nuestros televidentes recibirán con agrado esta nueva propuesta.

We requested for an English version of the statement from WAPA, and we received the following:

SAN JUAN, PR – Kobbo Santarrosa has resigned from SuperXclusivo. Despite both parties having reached agreements regarding production of the show that would allow it to continue, Mr. Santarosa walked out yesterday shortly before his show was scheduled to tape.

He made this decision on his own without consulting WAPA management.

We sincerely regret any inconvenience or disruption that this has caused to our loyal viewers.

We are grateful for the 14 years that Mr. Santarrosa has been part of the WAPA family and we have supported Mr. Santarrosa throughout his entire time with WAPA.

Since Mr. Santarrosa’s contract was scheduled to end in March, 2013, we have been working on plans for an exciting new program, which we will announce shortly.

We are confident that our viewers will share in our excitement.

Taco Cid Defends Controversial “Illegal Immigrant” Shirt

Are you kidding us? Maybe we are the fools for posting this, but after Taco Cid’s “How to Catch an Illegal Immigrant” shirt went viral, the owner, Leanne Snelgrove, was interviewed.


Please stop talking. Of course, she is selling shirts now. Here is the link.

Latino News Roundup for January 9th, 2013

Latino News Roundup Edition from HispanicTips:


Latinos Have Fastest Growing Prevalence of Glaucoma
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New Children’s Book from Piñata Books/ Arte Público Press
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Filmmaker set to trace the Afro-Latina experience from before the slave trade to present-day – NEGRITA, written and directed by Magdalena Albizu
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Legendary “Borinqueneers” Deserve the Congressional Gold Medal
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Janis Bowdler: Quick Fix: Recent Mortgage Settlement Still Leaves Latino Homeowners Vulnerable
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U.S. Gov’t’s Denial of Mexican immigrant’s dying wish to see parents is a form of cruelty unworthy of the US
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Pro-immigrant groups hailed as an historic victory for immigrant families the approval Tuesday in the Illinois House of Representatives of a bill to allow the issuance of driver’s licenses to some 250,000 undocumented foreigners living in the state.
     From: www.laht.com

Eva Longoria to host Latino inaugural celebration for Obama featuring top entertainers
     From: www.washingtonpost.com

The Only Job I Can Do–A Young Mother’s Farm Work Story – Lorena Hernandez is a young farm worker and single mother from Oaxaca, Mexico. Today she lives in Madera, California, with her daughter and aunt.
     From: newamericamedia.org

Richard Blanco, 2013 Inaugural Poet – Richard Blanco has been chosen as the 2013 inaugural poet. (1st Latino Inaugural Poet)
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WAPA: No Comment About Santarrosa’s Resignation For Now

This just in from El Nuevo Día in Puerto Rico. Apparently WAPA TV will not comment yet about the resignation of Kobbo Santarrosa, the creator of “La Comay” and co-host of the “SuperXclusivo” show.


Migdaliz Ortiz, who is head of WAPA’s public relations team, sent END a text in Spanish saying that they will let people know when they have information to share. Latino Rebels has been in communication with Ortiz for the past week, but after news of Santarrosa’s resignation broke last night, we did not hear back. However, Ortiz just emailed us with the same information she shared END and will provide us with updates when WAPA is ready to do so.

The latest END story says that SuperXclusivo ran only two ads on Monday’s show. In addition, as Latino Rebels reported on January 6, the online version of the show contains no ads, while other WAPA shows continue to have ads. The show has lost over 45 advertisers since a boycott page was formed on Facebook on December 4 in response to on-air comments made by Santarrosa’s Comay character and co-host Héctor Travieso about the death of publicist José Enrique Gómez. In addition, END reported that WAPA management was still discussing the conditions Santarrosa discussed with them before he left the show and the station.

END also reported comments from one of the creators of the boycott group. Francisco “El Jimagua” Méndez Cartagena said the following in Spanish (we have translated to English): “sooner or later it had to happen because when people are united in an adamant legitimate claim for healthy television, one that does not promote anti-gay behavior, one that is not racist, xenophobic or derogatory, and given the intransigence of Joe Ramos and WAPA TV and its own censorship of Mr. Kobbo Santarrosa, the least [Kobbo] could do was to desist from spreading violence in Puerto Rico with this program. Today a country celebrates that television in Puerto Rico has clean up hatred, and we are more than happy. Today we will be the power of the people.”

According to reports, Miami-based Mega TV is allegedly in negotiations with Santarrosa to bring a new version of the show to its network.

Will “La Comay” Move to Mega TV?

Just hours after Kobbo Santarrosa, creator of the controversial “La Comay” puppet character of WAPA-TV’s “SuperXclusivo” show, resigned from WAPA, Metro PR is now reporting that Santarrosa is in negotiations to return to the air with Mega TV, a Miami-based network owned by the Spanish Broadcasting System. According to Metro, this return would occur in a few months.


Mega TV can be seen in several US markets, such as Los Angeles, New York, Houston, Miami, as well as Puerto Rico. It is geared to a younger Hispanic audience, and its programming is (how do we put?) not that “intellectual.” There are also questions as to whether La Comay’s history of homophobic anti-gay content will play well (if at all) on US mainland channels.

Metro reported that the Santarrosa’s show would be more “dynamic” and would go through several revisions. According to the report, Metro reported through a source that Santarrosa was seriously thinking of retiring after his WAPA contract expired on December 31. However, even with a boycott movement against him, Santarrosa decided to continue with his program.

As of this posting, WAPA has yet to comment about this story or about whether it has accepted Santarrosa’s resignation. There was also no word from WAPA about what will happen to the “SuperXclusivo” show.

Kobbo Santarrosa Confirms His Resignation from WAPA’s “SuperXclusivo”

This morning Puerto Rico’s Noticel reported that TV personality Kobbo Santarrosa, the creator of the controversial “La Comay” puppet host of WAPA TV’s “SuperXclusivo” show, has confirmed that he indeed did resign from WAPA because he felt that he was being censored.


The reason? According to Noticel, Santarrosa said that WAPA management was censoring him by requiring that all his shows to be pre-recorded instead of being broadcast live. WAPA president Joe Ramos made this decision on a December 20 segment of HuffPost Live.

The Noticel story continues by saying that WAPA TV still has not revealed what it will do with the 6-7 pm time slot nor what will happen to the show. Last night, WAPA had to run a repeat on Monday’s show.

Noticel also said that Santarrosa was “upset with the network” after a having a meeting with WAPA management. Latino Rebels, which was the first English-language outlet to report about Santarrosa’s resignation last night, continues to leave messages with WAPA to get more details from them about this story, but we have yet to hear back from the network.

This latest news comes just a month after a “Boicot a la Comay” Facebook page was formed on December 4 to protest comments made by Santarrosa’s Comay character and co-host Héctor Travieso regarding the death of publicist José Enrique Gómez. According to the boycott page, over 45 companies have pulled their advertising from the show.

Noticel added that another source confirmed that it was “absolutely true that (Kobbo) was upset.”

As for the boycott? According to what LGBT activist Pedro Julio Serrano told Noticel, the movement will not stop until WAPA confirms that “SuperXclusivo” is being taken off the air.

This is a developing story, and if we hear back from WAPA, we will share their response.