#NoMames: MundoFox’s Stereotypical “Colombian” Programming Now Cross-Promoted on Fox Soccer Channel

Let’s get one thing straight, FOX. We watch FOX Soccer Channel to catch the Champions League, CONCACAF U-20s, and Barclays Premier League fútbol. What we don’t watch it for? The cross-promotional commercials for MundoFox.


Case in point. In between halves at a recent Champions League match, we got this promo in English:

Gee, yet another Colombian drug dealer show in prime time? How original.

What was once billed as the first new and fresh Spanish-language U.S. Latino network still remains a clearinghouse of stereotypical programming from Colombia’s RCN cable network, which has put a lot of money into MundoFox. This whole notion of having a “Americano como tú” network should be changed to “Colombiano como tú.” You would think that Mundo Fox might start getting a clue, given that its latest ratings are 0.0. Yes, 0.0. And it doesn’t even have one show in the top 25 for Spanish-language TV (that’s Nielsen saying this, not us).

Here is the problem with MundoFox. As much as it tries to craft a narrative (especially with unsuspecting bloggers) that it is a different kind of Spanish-language channel for the U.S. Latino market, it really does not offer any varied programming. Been there, done that. And look at your ratings while you are at it.

If MundoFox REALLY wanted to break the mold, it would start by checking out its current prime-time lineup (“El Capo” and “La Mariposa”), scrapping that, and begin to actually CREATE real and authentic Spanish-language programming for the U.S. Latino market. Instead of Colombian drug dealer shows, take a chance on other ideas. Be a risk-taker. Be bold.

Right now, MundoFox is just a Univision-type channel with no viewers. Being like the others is not hard to do, but actually being the first Spanish-language network that reflects the U.S. Latino market would be amazing. Do they have the courage and vision to accomplish it? It could happen with “Allá te espero,” which premieres this week. Maybe it is changing after all. However, guess where the characters are from? Colombia.

Just promise us this: people should stop saying that MundoFox is innovative and original. It’s just stereotypical TV from Colombia that no one is seeing, no matter how many cross-promotions you doing on a soccer channel that is not your audience.

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toei2001 says:

you right , it take time, and when they build mundofox , already know   what expect about ratings.

toei2001 says:

unvision do that or telemundo, i guess not.

JoseAArreguin says:

Rebeldes,  you write as though you have some inside information.  This was a very good read and I think you hit many points right on the “puntita”  I work/represent Mundofox stations in 4 markets…i can tell you that originally that was the plan…to be bold.  But in TV as in other industries, things get in the way.   Creating a TV giant doesn’t happen overnight…but it does happen.  I worked for Univision for over 18 years, they weren’t big overnight…trust me…I use to edit the episodics for shows like Corte Tropical…(if you know what that show is..then you will see my point)  I do applaud your knowledge, I see the intent in your blog….and best of all is I agree.

LatinOpinator says:

why all the hate against mundofox @latinorebels, it could be worse, they could be using puertorican shows.  would you prefer that?

latinorebels says:

@LatinOpinator you miss the point and we will put you down with the other 50,000 viewers it has and its 0.0 rating. Here’s an idea: include better programming that actually reflect the U.S. Latino demographic?