INFOGRAPHIC: Is The Writing on the Fence for the GOP?

Any questions, GOP? Do you also notice the other color that is growing on the fence?


(H/T Upworthy)

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rikimaru says:

While professing to be ‘ profoundly disturbed’ by the aggression of anti-Semitic Germany, Roosevelt continued his special friendship for Soviet Russia after its attacks upon Outer Mongolia, Poland, Latvia, Esthonia, Lithuania and Finland. Professing an adoration for ‘ democracy’ he refused, as the Jews control 90 percent of the scrap iron business, to invoke the Neutrality Act against Japan in its on China, or against Russia when, with Germany, she invaded Poland and attacked Finland. He extended a warm welcome to the Communist Ambassador Oumansky when he presented his credentials and, on the same day, displayed marked coldness toward the newly appointed Ambassador from Christian Spain

SharonMallia says:

Those of us who have birth ties with latin american countries generally refer to ourselves as natives of a particular country, such as mexican, spanish, salvadoran, cuban, costa rican, columbian, etc.  Hispanic is, at least to me, more of a description of persons of latin american descent who are born in the U.S.