Twitter Suspends Fake Account Pope Francis Account, But Facebook Profile Remains

Mar 15, 2013
1:56 pm

The day that Jorge Mario Bergolgio became Pope Francis, the social media reaction, as expected, went global and viral. The response was so immediate that one Twitter profile was thought to be Bergoglio’s real Twitter account. It wasn’t, even though the account @JMBergolgio gained thousands and thousands of followers in just a matter of hours.


The profile, which had been around at least a year if not longer, was highly critical of the new pope, who was the Archbishop of Buenos Aires before white smoke was seen at the Vatican on Wednesday. Many of Wednesday’s Tweets spoke to Bergoglio’s alleged complicity during the country’s notorious Dirty War era of the late 70s and 80s, as well as his public reactions to that time while he was the head of the Argentine capital’s archdiocese. This tweet has the profile asking that Bergoglio’s Wikipedia information about his acts during the Dirty Way be taken down from the Wikipedia site. The information has not been taken down from Wikipedia.


The Twitter account has now been suspended.


However, the Facebook profile continues to be active, and it keeps posting links and updates that criticize Bergoglio’s past.


The official Twitter of the Pope is @pontifex.