VIDEO: Senator Jeff Sessions Gets Schooled on Immigration’s Realities

Watch this and learn. Amazing what happens actual people who know about immigration get to speak with neo-nativist senators who don’t.

Senator Jeff Sessions gets schooled.

As the original Think Progress post says:

Two-thirds of legal immigration is family-based, and a majority of immigrants are now women, thanks to the emphasis on family visas since the Immigration and Nationality Act of 1965. Today, 70 percent of immigrant women gain permanent residence through family-based visas, compared to 61 percent of men. With 4 million people caught in the backlogs and country-specific quotas, it can take two decades for a sibling to immigrate.

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rikimaru says:

While professing to be ‘ profoundly disturbed’ by the aggression of anti-Semitic Germany, Roosevelt continued his special friendship for Soviet Russia after its attacks upon Outer Mongolia, Poland, Latvia, Esthonia, Lithuania and Finland. Professing an adoration for ‘ democracy’ he refused, as the Jews control 90 percent of the scrap iron business, to invoke the Neutrality Act against Japan in its on China, or against Russia when, with Germany, she invaded Poland and attacked Finland. He extended a warm welcome to the Communist Ambassador Oumansky when he presented his credentials and, on the same day, displayed marked coldness toward the newly appointed Ambassador from Christian Spain