Seriously, Hollywood? You Couldn’t Get a Latino Actor to Play the Fictional Role of VP Charlie Rodriguez?

Mar 21, 2013
4:36 pm

Tomorrow the movie Olympus Has Fallen comes out in theaters. The film has top-line actors like Aaron Eckhart as the President, Morgan Freeman as the Speaker, and Gerard Butler as Mike Banning, the “disgraced former Presidential guard.”


Now, it’s not like we are actually going to see the movie this weekend (it’s March Madness, people), but when the Facebook page of the National Hispanic Foundation for the Arts shared a bit of news about who is playing the fictional role of Vice President Charlie Rodriguez, we just had to step away from the basketball and post it:

BREAKING NEWS: Here we go again, the new film: Olympus Has Fallen, with Gerard Butler and Morgan Freeman has cast Phil Austin, as Vice President Charlie Rodriguez. . .wait for it. . yup, he’s not Latino.

If you think this is a bad precedent (ala ARGO); please repost and ask your friends not to spend their hard earned money on this film. We can vote here folks, we do it by not showing up for this kind of crap!

This is Phil Austin. We’re sure he is a fine actor. He looks like a younger brother of “Mad Men” star John Slattery, but he sure doesn’t scream “Charlie Rodriguez” to us.


The cluelessness continues. There really wasn’t any Latino actor who could have played this role? Anyone?

Hit it, Gollum.