The Other Thing That Alaska Rep. Don Young Said That No One Is Talking About

So Alaska Rep. Don Young’s last few days were ones he would rather forget, after he had to apologize twice for “wetback” comments he made during his remarks on Alaska public radio. Young, who said he had “no malice in his heart” when he made the “wetback” comments, will likely still need to address his views on immigration reform. During Young’s apology tour, the Republican congressman emphasized that his comments “shifted our focus away from comprehensive immigration reform.”


So what does Young think about immigration reform? Listen.

Here is what KRBD reported on Friday:

During his Ketchikan visit, Young did address immigration reform in response to a question from the audience at a town-hall-style meeting. He did indicate that a change is needed in the system.

“Anybody who is here illegally, is here illegally,” he said. “They’re not going to get in front of the line; they should go behind the line. It is very difficult to get into this country. I’ve talked to some illegal people and they said it takes me 14 years to get into the United States legally. I can get here in 12 hours illegally. Why should I wait 14 years?”

Young says the U.S. should expedite the process for legal immigration.

Ah yes, the old “I know illegal people” ploy.

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