McCain: Woman Who Scaled Nogales Fence Was Actually Mexican American Actress Lynda Carter

After being hounded by questions that he was not live-tweeting a border crossing, Senator John McCain just sent us an email response sharing additional details about a a recent visit to the Arizona-Mexico border where he and three other U.S. Senators witnessed a woman scale an 18-foot fence in downtown Nogales in the middle of the day.


Here is the email he personally sent to us at 12:15 am EST, April 1, 2013:

Ok, you got me. She wasn’t from Mexico. It was Lynda Carter, and she was coming back from a Wonder Woman reunion tour in Mexico. It was amazing to watch. Someone told me about an hour than she was of Mexican descent, so that is when I decide to pretend I had live-tweeted the whole thing. You know, for the kids. They love that special media stuff. And I knew it would play well in the media. Maybe got us an extra drone or two for Arizona.

If only that were all true. Happy April Fools.

PS: Now for the serious part of all this. We still think the senators were playing with all of us last week in Nogales. And we also think that McCain didn’t live-tweet at all.

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