What The World Does Not Need: The 306 Sexiest Latinos List from Latina Magazine

Apr 1, 2013
4:28 pm

Let’s be 100% clear: this world does not need a “306 Sexiest Latinos on the Planet” list, which Latina magazine published on March 28. It did not need a list on March 28 nor does it a need a list any day after or before March 28.


There was actual intellectual capital and work time being spent on such a list, with Latina proudly telling the world this: “Latinos are sexy: We all know that! And in order to prove just how sexy we are, our staff at Latina has compiled a list of the SEXIEST Latinos on the planet! (Yes, the WHOLE planet!). Meet the 306 sexiest Latinos on el planeta (as decided by us!) and let us know who we missed!” (FYI: within just a few slides of the list, we had already seen the following words: “spicy,” “tall, dark, and handsome,” “bombshell,” “salacious she wolf,” “sexiness,” and “seductively smart.”)

Ok, so since they are asking, here is what Latina missed, and maybe we can see lists like these in the future:

  1. The top 306 Latina Entrepreneurs who are breaking the stereotypes of “hot Latinas” to change the world. (FYI, Latina could only find 40 so far. Where are the other 266? They are out there.)
  2. The top 306 top-achieving Latin@ students who are kicking ass in school and taking names after.
  3. The top 306 most admired Latin@s in history who have worked tirelessly to combat lame “sexy” crap like this that do nothing to better our image in the eyes of the mainstream.
  4. The top 306 Latin@s who think that a list like this sucks.
  5. The top 306 Latin@s who believe that the only way to change the paradigm is to place substance over lame, lazy PR-generated content such as this.

Let us know if we missed anything? But what do you expect when on the same day, the magazine also published this, “10 Hot Guys Named Jesus.” Enough with the PR-manufactured “Latina” world. We sincerely hope that Latina magazine starts pushing more substance and less fluff. For example, on the same site, here’s an example of a little more substance. It’s not that hard, people.