What the Tea Party Facebook Page Thinks of Jay Leno’s Joke About the AP’s “Illegal Immigrant” Decision

Apr 4, 2013
2:55 pm

Facebook. The new open forum for U.S. free speech, both the good and the ignorant. Here is a just one example of that ignorance. The Tea Party’s Facebook page posted the following meme about a joke that The Tonight Show’s Jay Leno made about the Associated Press’ decision to stop referring to individuals as “illegal immigrants” or “illegals.”


Leno’s joke missed the mark, since it speaks to the stale stereotype that all Latinos (i.e., the “illegal immigrants” in the joke) are natural Democrats. Guess Leno’s joke writers never get to read actual credible polls and numbers saying that 51% of U.S. Latino voters identify themselves as independents. The joke played into the narrative that has become all too common: Latinos (i.e., those “illegals”) like Democrats because they give away “free stuff.” So, since Leno is safe and mainstream, such a joke was going to play really well on the Tea Party Facebook page. As of this post, the image has gotten over 42,000 likes and over 19,000 shares on the Tea Party page.

It has also gotten such amazingly ignorant comments like these:

 The whole world must be laughing at us. Every country has laws against illegals, except the United States. They might as well call us stupid. (1400+ likes)

That is why they are getting rid of Jay Leno. The Radical Left Wingers can’t endure his jokes!

That’s why Mexico doesn’t have an Olympic team! Everyone that can run, jump, or swim is already over here!

Then they can get out of the new business for IMPROPERLY reporting the news and reporting outright LIES every time they report on anything or leave anything out. Kick them out and keep them out of this country and Throw out anyone that agrees with them in the media. Cause all they are then is a propaganda machine trying to take over this country and make all of us LEGAL and Constitutional Citizens of this country criminals and slaves for all the TRUE ILLEGALS, ID thieves and job thieves and money and food thieves in this country.

So damn true. I have worked with these people for 20 years. Most are hardworking people but the law is the law and our past present and probably future government are so impotent they won’t enforce it. These 545 members of our government are more interested in screwing the american citizen for all they can get than anything else 100 years ago they didn’t even have taxes now we have hundreds of taxes impose by our employes because we don’t have the balls to fire these incompetent bastards

I absolutely love Jay Leno and everything he says. He speaks the truth and he’s a very funny man!! I think it’s great that everyone is stating their opinions about what’s really going on this country. If we ever tried to go to a country illegally and live off of other people their healthcare there government supplements, it would never ever happen for us! Then again, a real born in American would never go to somebody else’s country and try to get away with that b*******

They are illegal aliens just like Obama!!!

Why not alien ? Like our parents and grandparents were called for years and years …and they HAD to register !!!…how about paying years of taxes first and coming with an actual skill?

It is interesting to note that many Tea Party fans of the page now believe that Leno was booted from The Tonight Show and replace with Jimmy Fallon because he was “speaking the truth” about those “illegals.”

The ignorance continues, and Leno’s joke only fueled the xenophobes.