Venezuela’s National Election Commission Approves Audit of Presidential Vote

Apr 19, 2013
12:43 am

Tonight Mexico’s Milenio reported that Venezuela’s National Election Commission (CNE) has accepted the petition of presidential candidate Henrique Capriles, and has agreed to a complete audit of “100% percent” of all the votes from last Sunday’s elections because of the country’s current political situation. However, the audit will not include a recount of the all the votes.


According to Mileno, CNE President Tibisay Lucena issued the following statement in Spanish (our translation): “We have… proceeded to the second phase of the voting verification audit which began today so that we can complete the audit of 46% of the election boxes that were not examined the day of the election.”

The story also said that Lucena made sure to say that this decision was made to address “a very specific situation” and that this decision should not be “interpreted as any specific type of scrutiny.”

As we reported on Sunday night, “with a voter turnout of 78.71%, Nicolás Maduro, the heir to the legacy of Hugo Chávez, won 7,505,338 votes, which came out to 50.66% of the vote. Henrique Capriles, Maduro’s opponent, gained 7,270,403 votes and 49.07% of the vote. That was a difference of 234,935 votes.”

The post-election reaction from both has been extreme and in some cases, deadly. Protests by Capriles supporters led to eight people dead and 60 injured, according to the Venezuelan government. Capriles has also presented allegations of voter fraud and irregularities. Social media played a major role in amplifying these allegations.

According to the Associated Press, “Venezuela’s electoral council says it will audit the voting machines that were not audited election night in an apparent rejection of the opposition’s demand for a full vote-by-vote recount.”