Hacked Tweets Continue to Show Up on “60 Minutes” Twitter Profile

UPDATE: By April 20, 2013, 10:58 pm EST, Twitter had suspended the account.

Earlier today the official Twitter profile of “60 Minutes” was hacked. Soon after, the “60 Minutes” profile tweeted the following:

However, the hacked tweets began to show up again tonight, as these screen grab from April 21, 2013, 10:35-10:47 PM EST show: 60min15 60Minutes13
60minutes11 60minutes10



The latest series tweets includes references to @SyrianCyberArmy and as well as #SEA, known and the Syrian Electronic Army:


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rikimaru says:

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DignityPeace says:

The Syrian govt. has a big army of cyber hackers.  Whenever you tweet something about Syria, you get followed by a bunch of bots.  Not sure what they really accomplish this, but it’s creepy.

latinorebels says:

@DignityPeace Very.

latinorebels says:

@DignityPeace Very.