“Filly Brown” Makes Strong Indie Debut, and the Expectations Rise

Last weekend, the independent film “Filly Brown,” a Sundance 2012 favorite featuring the very talented Gina Rodriguez, the late Jenni Rivera, Edward James Olmos and Lou Diamond Phillips, had a very strong opening weekend. According to IndieWire, the movie debuted on 188 screens, and “managed an impressive $1,363,000 gross, averaging $7,250.”


Indiewire adds that the film’s distributor has big expectations for the film:

“It’s a strong opening that focused on the core Latino audience. The film will expand into more markets this week.” Rob Williams, Production Exec for Indomina Media, told Indiewire.

“Brown” received a promising “A-” score from Cinemascore, and over 20 locations had the film as their #1 grosser in their respective complex (outgrossing “Oblivion,” which led the overall box office this weekend. Notably, 71% of the audience was female.

And the expectations don’t stop with Indomina Media. Here is what Olmos told the LA Times about the movie:
“Filly Brown is the most hopeful film I’ve ever worked on in my life. The time has come for all of us to take action and to help ensure that we’ll see more Latino movies. If Filly Brown succeeds in the box office, we will start to see our stories told in major motion pictures. We are 52 million Latinos and major studios are still not telling our stories.”

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