Yes, There Is Now a Mayan Telenovela

This in today from the fabulous Cristina Costantini of ABC/Univision. To paraphrase Costantini, while the rest of us were debating about devious maids, a new Mayan telenovela called “Baktún” premiered this week.


As Costantini writes:

Directed and produced by documentary filmmaker  Cárcamo, the 30-episode drama was filmed in the Mexican state of Quintana Roo and will soon be made available for your enjoyment on YouTube. The series premiered at the Museo de Antropología last month. Cárcamo told  Mexican news outlet Sin Embargo that it would air on Mexican television this month, and also possibly in Peru and Bolivia in the future.

The telenovela, which revolves around love stories and Mayan culture, aims to preserve the indigenous language by making it entertaining to watch.

In the Yucatán peninsula of Mexico there are an estimated 750,000 Maya speakers, but many fear the language will die out if it is not revived by efforts like this one.

“If you lose a language, you’re not only losing those words,” Cárcamo told Sin Embargo.” “You are losing an entire peoples, and this could happen with the Mayan people of the Yucatán.”

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