#1SMx National Protest in Mexico Turns Violent

Sep 1, 2013
3:08 pm

This afternoon social media from Mexico is sharing the latest from a national protest against the government’s privatization and reform plans, as well as President Enrique Peña Nieto. The Associated Press did publish a story today about Peña Nieto’s challenges, but so far very little about the protest is being reported in U.S. media. According to La Jornada, a tense clash between police and protesters occurred. It got violent, and the report also said that tear gas was used (UPDATE: the Jornada report has since been changed to say that no tear gas was used, although there were clashes).


Posted via Twitter today. Mexico City protests.

You can follow updates via Twitter using the #1SMx and #YoSoy132 hashtags.

Here is a Storify that we published earlier this afternoon. It contains real-time images and videos of the protests. According to the YouTube videos we have seen, YoSoy132 is saying that the clashes are not part of the student movement.