“How about English?”: Fox News Hosts Rip #Obamacare’s 150 Languages

We still don’t know what the fox says, but we know what Fox News has to say, and once again it’s nonsense.


Here’s the rundown of their latest bout of ignorance, courtesy of The Raw Story.

Fox News host Bill Hemmer on Wednesday found a new reason to dislike President Barack Obama’s health care reform law: It’s offered in 150 languages.

At a briefing on Tuesday, Health and Human Services Secretary Kathleen Sebelius had noted that call centers were prepared to answer questions about the health care law in 150 languages.

Sebelius told MSNBC that the translators were necessary “to answer questions, help people understand some of the terminology.”

Hemmer, one of the co-hosts of America’s Newsroom, proceeded to lambast the Obama administration for offering service in so many languages.

“I got an idea,” the Fox News host continued. “How about English?”

“English, that would be a good start,” co-host Martha MacCallum agreed.

Other Fox News hosts later chimed in to show support for Hemmer’s stance, including host of The Five, Dana Perino.

Nearly 1,500 people retweeted her comments. Many, however, were not as supportive.

The fact that @DanaPerino doesn’t understand that some people read better in their original language…nevermind. These people…

— Mikki Kendall (@Karnythia) October 1, 2013

For a video of the Fox News hosts’ full comments follow the link here.

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