Seahawks Richard Sherman’s Only Fault Is His Humanity

Jan 20, 2014
9:37 am

For the record, Seattle Seahawks cornerback Richard Sherman gave the best postgame interview since the days of Muhammad Ali. Just seconds after Sherman made a clutch play against San Francisco 49er Michael Crabtree that earned Seattle a trip to the Super Bowl, Sherman was on TV, being asked by Erin Andrews about how it felt.


The response was pure gold:

As a media guy, I always thought that sports networks are always too quick to rush and get the postgame hit as quickly as possible. 99.9% of all postgame interviews are a snoozefest, and Sherman’s raw honesty was beyond refreshing.

Of course, social media jumped in a called Sherman every name in the book, and let’s not pretend race was not a part of it. What if Wes Welker did the same thing to Tom Brady? There is an excellent summary by Tommy Tomlinson that pretty much vindicates Sherman for being himself.

And then you have Sherman himself, who took to Twitter late last night to share his thoughts. First tweet is to Seattle’s fans:

Then there is this one, which to be honest with you, speaks to all the haters out there:

This one speaks to how crazy the game was. Crabtree and his 49er teammates (especially, Anquan Boldin) were talking trash all day. Stay true to yourself, Richard, who by the way is a Stanford grad.

Then there are these:

And yes, he did shake up the world:

By the way, Crabtree (the guy who lost) comes across as a sore loser when he tweeted this:

And this whole “Sherman is a thug” thing? Would a “thug” wish the best for NaVorro Bowman, whose tragic knee injury was replayed and replayed on TV? In fact, Bowman’s injury took more air time than Sherman’s own postgame words:


Richard Sherman is human, and last night during one incredibly intense game, we saw a range of emotions. What would you do if someone jawed at you for hours and then you got the last laugh? Good for Sherman for being himself. That’s what it is all about.

And in an age where sports has become corporate and boring in a lot of ways, Richard Sherman put a smile on my face. Here’s hoping more and more athletes toss away the fear of being themselves and start being themselves.

As for my final thoughts?


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