Obamacare’s Spanish Twitter Marketing Push All About Empanadas and Soccer Balls

The March 31 open enrollment deadline for the Affordable Health Care Act (ACT), also known as Obamacare, is fast approaching and the Twitter profile of CuidadoDeSalud.gov is making a final push for signups with what is one perplexing ad campaign.

Here are just some of the tweets:

“3: the # of picante bottles you have at home and the days remaining to sign up to…” (Please someone tell us the connection this has to health care?)

“8: the # of empanadas you can eat at once and the days remaining to sign up to…” (If we ate eight empanadas in one sitting, maybe we would need some health care, or at least a Tums.)

“10: the # of turnovers you keep frozen and the days remaining to sign up to…” (Still trying to figure out the connection here.)

It continues. A little soccer, anyone? 13 weeks until the World Cup and just 13 days to sign up to Obamacare.

Baseball? Of course. Because all Latinos have 9 favorite baseball players.

And while we’re at it, why not show a picture of two Latina women who are constantly late to things because that exactly equates to health care as well:

Talk about Hispandering. You would think that if CuidadoDeSalud.gov wanted to get more signups by Latinos (by the way, it’s not going that well), it would ditch the stale advertising stereotypes and focus on some actual facts, such as what the Kaiser Foundation published.

Less empanadas, more facts. It’s not that complicated.

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