Oscar Mayer Spanish Ad Wants to Flash Its Turkey to You

Leave it to the fabulosa Laura Martínez of “Mi blog es tu blog” for finding this nugget. Apparently, according to Laura (btw, follow her @miblogestublog), the folks at Oscar Mayer posted the following ad in People en español:

(Credit: Laura Martínez)

(Credit: Laura Martínez)

For those of you playing at home, this ad suggests some random flasher showing off his turkey (yeah, it has to be a guy) because it is so fresh. Get it? You can’t contain the turkey! The whole notion of “frescura” is interesting because it is a play on words too: freshness as in freshness in food, but also freshness is, well, you know… as in stop being so fresh! Don’t show me your turkey meat.

It is a bizarre ad to say the least, especially since Oscar Mayer just launched an English-language ad campaign about new “bold” flavors for its Deli Fresh line. A review of the brand’s Deli Fresh section doesn’t show any deli meat flashers. Nether does its Twitter page. Yet.

So, to summarize, Spanish ad gets someone flashing turkey meat (that writes itself) while the English campaign is all about bold flavors. Got it.

Maybe it doesn’t matter anyway. You see, things weren’t so good for Oscar Mayer today. The company just recalled 96,000 pounds of weiners. Teehee. We said “weiners.”

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