PR Guy Murrieta Hired to Handle City’s New Image Problem Threatens to Sue Cartoonist

Last week, we shared the tale of how the City of Murrieta, California had hired a “crisis management” expert, who proceeded to brag about his accomplishments on public social media networks. Anyone with a brain knows by now that Murrieta officials have been trying to spin a message that no one is buying. The “new” Murrieta spin is that leaders were always worried about the detention center conditions for the migrant children and families being processed inside the city limits. They even claim that such a message was what they have always wanted and that the media has run with a lie. That’s just not true.

Now Murrieta’s PR guy, Xavier Hermosillo, is going after acclaimed cartoonist and social media rockstar Lalo Alcaraz, threatening to sue Lalo. Problem is, when it comes to social media influence and reach, Lalo wins hands down over Hermosillo. The public convo already made the pages of



Maybe it’s time for Hermosillo to step back and realize that when it comes to “crisis management,” it’s best to try and manage the crisis and not become part of the story?

As for Lalo, he’s probably already writing a new episode for his new cartoon on FOX.

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arodomus says:

They are handling this all wrong. They should just own it. They didn’t want these folks in their town. Period. Just own it. This spinning bull only makes them look even worst. You mess up, own it. Easier to move on that way. 

Some Americans don’t want these folks here. Today, even as a guy who wants a secure border, I was bombarded on twitter because I support Glenn Beck giving the kids Teddy bears. Yes, I want the border secured, but what the hell is wrong with trying to help those children. Some people are just messed up.