Video of Mike Brown Shooting Shows Ferguson Police Placing Body in SUV (GRAPHIC)

A video released this week by the channel Law Abiding Citizen News contains disturbing images from August 9 surrounding the death of Mike Brown in Ferguson, Missouri. Law Abiding Citizen News obtained videos from eyewitnesses. As troubling as it is to watch, the video contains footage showing police putting Brown’s body in an SUV. In these images, there are no signs of ambulances on the scene. Bystanders look on in disbelief and shock.

“The police just shot this man for no reason.”

“[Police] shoot him all in his face and his chest and everything, I watched the man go down. He just fucking killed him, period. There was no time to protect himself or nothing. He killed him.”

As the investigation behind Brown’s death enters its sixth day, a rally is being scheduled this Sunday. Ferguson’s police chief said his department plans to release the name of the officer who shot Brown, while the Missouri Governor Jay Nixon has assigned state highway patrol to oversee security because ““at this particular point, the attitudes weren’t improving, and the blocks towards expression appeared to be a flashpoint.” According to reports, yesterday’s protests were described as having a “light, even festive atmosphere.” Yesterday’s protests were in stark contrast to what happened on Wednesday, when police used tear gas and made several arrests.

Here are recordings of a livestream in Ferguson from last night:

You can see more recordings here.

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A Lancaster says:

I think the police defense lawyer will say MBrown was coming towards him in a threatening way and not knowing if he was armed or not, he shot him and use the previous struggle as a lead up. I don’t think that defense will work given all of the witnesses who say his hands were up. Since the highest % of the population in Ferguson is black, and if the jury stays in Ferguson then the jury should reflect that, I’ll bet that the police defense lawyer will ask for a change of venue based on the high level of publicity in the case.