I Just Hired My Dad to Sell the First Set of Limited Edition Latino Rebels Tees

Dec 2, 2014
2:54 pm

Here are new direct links to each size tee:



Meet my dad. His name is Julio, too, but everyone knows him as Papi Julio. He’s the one in the black hat next to my amazing stepmom, who is way cooler than he is.

Margarita___Julio_NOV.20__2012 (1)

A few weeks ago, my dad asked me, “Are you ever going to start selling those Latino Rebels tees you always wanted to sell?”

Me: “I guess so.”

Papi Julio: “Let me take care of it.”

So that’s what has happened. I just made my dad head of the Latino Rebels Tees division. So starting today, we are taking pre-orders on the first run. Here is a picture of the front of the tee:


And this is the logo that will be on the back of the tee (along with a smaller LatinoRebels.com identifier running down the right side of the star):


This tee is being done a limited edition pre-order shirt. It’s a baseball tee design with a cool red collar. It is a solid tee. There are also plans to create other designs (black tees, V necks, for the babies and toddlers etc.), but we decided to just start with one design for now to see if there is interest.

Why are we doing it? For the following reasons:

  1. Many of you guys asked us to.
  2. We want to take a portion of the sales and donate it to a nonprofit organization, one that very likely helps Latino youth with education scholarships.
  3. We also want to start rewarding the original group of Rebeldes who have been with us from the very beginning. You know who you are, and this is a way to thank you for all your dedication and loyalty.
  4. We want to fund a Publisher position for this site, someone who can take this site over and run the day-to-day.

So think of this as the first time we are trying to raise money directly for this site. If you like the stories that we do, this effort will help us to get more contributors and produce more stories. If PBS asks for money, why can’t we?

And you get a cool limited edition cool shirt to start. I mean look how handsome it looks on people:

BuzzFeed hat + @LatinoRebels shirt.

A photo posted by Adrian Carrasquillo (@realadrianc) on

Plus no one, and I mean no one, knows customer service like Papi Julio. He will make sure you are treated like the special fan and follower you are. If ever you have any questions, you can always email him, Facebook him, tweet him or give him at call at 617-446-1011.

Here is the PayPal link you can use to pre-order your shirt. If you pre-order in the next few days, we can get the first order ready for the holidays, which for us, means by Three Kings Day or earlier. The first shipment would be by Priority Mail. (By the way, if you don’t want to pay via PayPal, connect with my dad.)

NOTE: These are all PREORDERS until next week.


Thanks for all your support!



EDITOR’S NOTE: Julio (Julito) Ricardo Varela (@julito77) founded LatinoRebels.com in May, 2011 and proceeded to open it up to about 20 like-minded Rebeldes. A 1990 Harvard graduate in the History and Literature of Latin America, his personal blog, juliorvarela.com, has been active since 2008 and is widely read in Puerto Rico and beyond. He pens columns on LR regularly. In the last two years, Julito represented the Rebeldes on CBS’ Face the NationNPR,  Univisionand The New York Times. Recently, he was a digital producer for Al Jazeera America’s The Stream.