Thanks, White People, You Brought Measles Back! (VIDEO)

Another new #RebelReport is out. Check it.

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Excellent piece, and kudos to all involved. 

Just a tech note, you might want to invest in a boom mic or lavalier mic (or something similar) so you don't have to project so much for the camera mic to pick you up. It comes across as shouting (and you have reason to shout, of course, but there can be more power in keeping to the softer/deeper, more resonant registers).  This is all my opinion of course, and you can do with that what you will (or not).

Again, excellent piece. Thank you.

latinorebels moderator

@deadheat We appreciate the suggestion. Our last two episodes were on location in Florida due to R.J.'s schedule. We got back to the studio next week but it is a great note for on location!