Don’t Be a #Penndejo

In perhaps one of the most boring Oscars ever (excluding one incredible acceptance speech by Common and John Legend), the last five minutes of the broadcast got everyone worked up. It happened when actor Sean Penn muttered the following right before letting the world know that Alejandro González Iñárritu’s Birdman won Best Picture:

As expected, the reaction to Penn’s inside joke with his friend (González Iñárritu said it was “hilarious” after the show) was swift, yet it in our world, many Latinos were defending Penn’s joke.

Which misses the point, in our opinion. How do we explain why Penn is now a #Penndejo (h/t @laloalcaraz)?

Maybe these tweets shed some more light on the real issue here:

But hey, it’s just a joke, right? And wouldn’t real friends feel proud of what their friends accomplished? Sadly, Sean Penndejo grabbed the spotlight from his Mexican buddy, but at least the 2015 Best Director ended the night with some class. Here’s hoping his message gets more attention. We offer this suggestion: if Penn were to publicly address his idiot humor, it would be smart to remind the world about what his friend said last night:


Chalk up #Penndejo as just yet another example of what our founder wrote about yesterday before the show. Hollywood as industry has a lot of work to do, and the community will be vigilant.

As for Sean Penndejo? He needs better joke writers.

And as for Alejandro? Now that you have an Oscar on your shelf, try using some of that power to tell more of the stories your message called for last night. Don’t be a #Penndejo, either.

Rulo Escalante
Rulo Escalante

Getting all riled up and rushing to the moral high ground over a non-PC joke up is soooooo WASPy. You're losing the essence of being latino. Get over it!


Sick of it you seriously have your own country to fight for your rights. Half the sheet y'all do and say here you'd be damned if it were done in Mexico! So now let them roll! Idk so over all y'all seeking equality here please go home and take the white people with you.

A true resident Land of the Morning Star People.


It's unfortunate that some took the comment as literal, rather than the sarcasm it was. In one quick comment Penn reminded us that Alejandro González Iñárritu is both an immigrant and one of the most talented person in his field -- and he mocked those who are threatened by talented latinos and block immigration reform.

The answer isn't to dumb each comment down so that everyone always gets the point. The answer is to sting the bigots as hard as possible until they come around. That's what he did. And, for latinos (and others) who understood the comment to explain it. And explain that Sean Penn is really on their side.


It's not so funny if you need to explain the joke.