John Oliver Just Made Voting Rights for U.S. Territories Funny and Relevant

In just 13 minutes last night, John Oliver did more for all those U.S. territories than any politician ever has done in a century. Watch.

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In the Korean War, 756 (with 127 MIA) Puerto Ricans lost their lives. 61,000 participated. In Viet Nam, from the 48,000 who participated, 455 from the Island (Puerto have not separate etnic statistics, so the number can easily double with those from mainland), and 3,775 wounded, with five Puerto Ricans awarded the Medal of Honor.

"The Puerto Ricans forming the ranks of the gallant 65th Infantry on the battlefields of Korea … are writing a brilliant record of achievement in battle and I am proud indeed to have them in this command. I wish that we might have many more like them."

General Douglas McArthur