Latino Rebels Foundation to Dissolve

All through 2014, as I worked with our Chairperson Andrés López and key board members to get Latino Rebels Foundation up and running, we met several times in Washington, D.C., to identify a full-time Director who would oversee the day-to-day operations of LRF. We explored several names and possibilities, thinking that we would be able to fill this position. We reached out to people and asked if they would be willing to help grow the foundation. Around September, we came to the disappointing realization that a candidate to take over this very demanding task would not become a reality. After that, we tried to think if our board could take on this task ourselves. Given the fact that without a dedicated Director and after deciding that no one on the board had the bandwidth or the time to commit to such a monumental task, the board unanimously agreed to dissolve the foundation, effective April 1, 2015.


Raising money for the non-profit arena is hard work, and it can’t be done part-time. Quite simply, as they say, I bit off more than I can chew. Running a media page, having a day job while trying to pay the bills and raising a family is time-consuming enough. Trying to grow a non-profit at the same time is a pipe dream. The most prudent move was to move on and work hard to support existing non-profits that match Latino Rebels’ core mission.

Since we formed LRF in April, 2013, the foundation raised a little over $6,300. We had a total of about 220 donations. After incurring expenses regarding our incorporation, establishing non-profit status, paying bank fees and processing PayPal online transaction fees, the current LRF account has a total of $2,949.84. We truly appreciated everyone’s donations and in the spirit of keeping our mission alive, the board decided to submit three equal donations to the following respective organizations: National Association of Independent Latino Producers, National Hispanic Foundation of the Arts and the National Association of Hispanic Journalists. I will also reach out to our donor list to personally thank them, but I will also let them know that we will no longer be accepting donations.

Nonetheless, while LRF will be no longer, the bigger fight to advance the U.S. Latino community in different professional fields will continue. My focus will always be to make media even more diverse and search for new voices and writers that will help push the dialogue.

To all of you who supported LRF and wanted to help us, thank you. I want to also thank the countless board members who joined the effort and believed in the mission. The list is long and I will never forget the initial reception we got to this idea when we were trying to get this going.

We tried our best, and we will be always here to find other ways to impact the mission.

If you have any questions about this announcement, please do not hesitate to contact me at


PS has never been funded by LRF. This site is a completely different group that had no financial relationship with LRF. is not going away and we are not dissolving this page.

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