Looks Like Senator Ted Cruz’s Digital Team Forgot to Secure TedCruz.com

Mar 22, 2015
11:25 pm

Here’s something that will make you chuckle, since it’s basic digital 101. Senator Ted Cruz, who has every intention of announcing that he will run for President on Monday, might have forgotten to secure all the websites he needs for his campaign. Even though th Texas senator has his official TedCruz.org and there’s also RunTedRun.com page that is pushing for his candidacy, when it comes to TedCruz.com, this is what you currently get:


Who knows how long that image will last (we’re hoping it’s forever), but you have to admit that it is funny, although maybe not so much for the senator and his campaign handlers.

HillaryClinton.com is not Clinton’s official website, but at least if you visit it, it directs the user to the official site.

It’s the little things that matter, such as making sure you own the .com, .org, .us, .edu and .net for your name URL, especially when you are just about to run for President.

Then there is this, a 2012 tweet from Cruz’s official Twitter profile:


Does his campaign team even know? According to Mother Jones, the answer is yes. In fact, an Arizona attorney named Ted Cruz has owned that domain for years.