There’s a Spanish Version of Dylan’s ‘Like a Rolling Stone’ (VIDEO)

Oct 3, 2015
10:17 am

This is what happens when we start the day on a Saturday morning. With news that Bob Dylan will release 20 versions of “Like a Rolling Stone,” we started playing the classic in our office this morning. Then we wondered, “Has anyone ever done a Spanish version of the song?”

The answer is yes. It is called “VAGABUNDO” (VAGABOND) by the band Siete Segundos. It is no way near a literal translation (gracias a Dios), and that is a very good thing. At times it feels a bit too much, but the band did do a fantastic job with the chorus. Here is the song:

The band is from Mendoza, Argentina. Their YouTube channel has other Spanish versions, and to be honest, they are really creative. We love the Internet:

“Wish You Were Here”