That Creepy Moment When a Colombian Woman Screamed for Trump in Las Vegas

Yesterday in Las Vegas at a campaign rally, Republican presidential candidate Donald Trump brought up a Colombian woman to the stage. NBC News captured the moment:

The woman, whose name is Myriam Witcher, told the world she was Colombian and said this: “I’m Hispanic and I’m voting for Mr. Trump! We vote for Mr. Trump! We love you all the way to the White House!” Trump swore that he never met the woman before and that moment was no way a set up. There was also a very creepy moment where Trump blew a kiss to the woman from behind:


As you might imagine, our community had A LOT to say about this “Ecstatic Hispanic” moment (yes, actual part of NBC’s headline). We got tons of caption suggestions on Twitter and Facebook. We reviewed all the captions and have decided that this one from Oscar Esquivel was the winner: “When they promise you papers, but gonna send you back anyways.”

You should also know that even though more than 80% of U.S. Latinos have very negative views of Trump, some Latinos do like him, including Witcher. As one local Las Vegas story wrote about yesterday’s rally:

Several Latino supporters were present in the crowd. Colombian immigrant Myriam Witcher praised the real estate mogul’s opposition to illegal immigration, saying, “He needs to send illegal (immigrants) out of the country. I came here legally.” She added that since she had waited five years to receive a visa that other immigrants ought to wait as well.

“I’m Hispanic, Latina and I love me some Trump,” she said. “He’s the perfect man, a businessman.”

“I like what Trump says about securing the borders,” said Paul Rodriguez Jr. of Apple Valley, California, who described himself as “an American first, of Mexican descent.” He is the coordinator of America First Latinos, a group organized by the Remembrance Project, which describes itself as honoring “Americans who have been killed by illegal aliens.” Rodriguez, a retired grocery warehouse worker, added, “the thing I like about Donald Trump is he’s not a professional politician. Obama has destroyed our country.”

By the way, the Washington Post also shared the same video on its site, but when it explained the video with a caption generated from Reuters, it committed the mortal editorial mistake called, “It’s Colombia, not Columbia.”


UPDATE: Witcher went on CNN, too.

The Donald J. Trump superfan, “I saw Mr. Trump only in my dreams”

Posted by CNN on Friday, October 9, 2015

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rikimaru says:

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JustSaying12639 says:


JustSaying12639 says:

Thank you. All he does is talk trash, but he won’t really act on what he says he will, mostly because what he says simply cannot happen. For example, when he said he would clear our nation of debt in two terms, which is virtually impossible. He relies on lies to “give the people what they want” while in reality, he won’t ACTUALLY give them what they want. I agree that immigration needs to be controlled, but not in this absurd way.

JustSaying12639 says:

You’re forgetting something. who exactly is paying for this “wall?” Mexico? No, Mexico doesn’t have to pay for the wall. Tell me, is master Trump paying for it? He may be rich, but I’m sure he won’t pay it. What, are we paying for it? Please. What about Master Trump’s “math,” when he said that he would be able to get rid of our nation’s debt in two terms. HA. Really? This is the president you want? Evidence from his campaigners said that his goal was to get 2nd place. Now that all the other republitards have dropped out, and he realized that this isn’t actually a joke, he starts to make up things. He’s completely obsessed with media, creating lies and saying “what the people want” in his desperate search for attention. Wow. Seems like Trump should stick with reality tv, it seems to suit him more than a presidency.j

CamilaArango says:

This woman is an embarrassment to Latinos, Colombians and women alike. She is clearly ignorant and lacks education. To some degree we are all immigrants, even Donald Trump himself, meaning someone in his blood line moved from another country to this country to start a better life for themselves. That is why the United Statws of America is called and considered a “melting pot” of cultures. But I guess anyone with over a 5th grade education would know that. Instead of opening your yap hole and just
Letting words come out of it, let’s all try to educate ourselves and think, yes use that mass in your head called brain, before speaking, posting, etc. Lets be real people Trump is not going to build a wall and make Mexicans pay for it. We need someone who can solve problems, not just come up with fictitious ideas of how to make America great again!

Karly222 says:

AlexandraOnofre What a ridiculous argument. North America and South America are continents; “America” isn’t. Canadians refer to themselves as Canadians, not Americans. People in the USArefer to themselves as Americans as shorthand, since there’s no other easy term for a citizen of the United States of America. In Spanish, Mexicans refer to a man in the USA as a Norte Americaner, don’t they? Literally a North American, although Canadians and Mexians are North Americans, too. Mexicans should stop complaining about Americans’ use of English; you don’t hear of Americans complaining about Mexicans’ use of Spanish which doesn’t distinguish between people of the USA and other North Americans. And for your second point, there are illegal immigrants from many countries, but it’s Mexicans who support La Raza, and don’t learn English. And that’s what’s bad for the USA.

HeatherMash says:

What the majority of people say by voting is what matters.  Get registered, remember to vote and work in your own communities for candidates you support.

Ruth43 says:

I agree with Trump that immigration needs to be controlled,
but Trump is not the appropriate person to run this country. Trump and all the
people that believe a big wall will solve the immigration problem are not
realistic.  Trump cannot even give a good
response when ask how he will fund the “big wall” project. Be realistic, Mexico
is not going to pay for a wall he is not requesting. Taxpayers will end up
paying for the “wall”,  if it really is
constructed.  Trump claims to be a good businessman,
a good businessman, identify a problem, and plan how to solve it. Evidently,
Trump is talking trash, he is not clear on how he will solve the problem. Trump’s
big mouth will get us more in trouble with other countries, he has no respect
for none, and this is a bigger problem than immigration.

flyingblogger99 says:

JMMORENO2 DaveFrancis1 Spoken like a truly illegal ignorant.

flyingblogger99 says:

JoshIsalto DaveFrancis1 It beats a career as a community organizers and a freshman senator who mostly voted “present”.  When was the last time we had a qualified, competent POTUS?  The rest of the candidates are professional grafters.

flyingblogger99 says:

AlexandraOnofre Because it is being organized and there are millions being sent as part of creating a low wage society and nullifying the existing population, destroying a middle class who could resist the elite who want a world of the Haves and Have Nots.

flyingblogger99 says:

Creepy is having millions of people invading your country.  Legal immigrants and citizens want it stopped.

JoshIsalto says:

DaveFrancis1  You are sadly mistaken. The poorly unsubstantiated propaganda you are pasting  has filled your head with what you think is truth but is actually   garbage. It is not a substitute for knowledge.  You have been mis-directed and misinformed. One does not even know where to start. . How
on earth does the skill set developed in the world of condo, casino real-estate
development and brand promotion translate into a capacity to lead this nation?

JoshIsalto says:

Trump’s gross mischaracterization of undocumented people  who have come  across the southern border and “the”  Mexicans is  grotesquely racist and extremely  poisonous to the  social harmony  and unity to the entire country.  Yet many in America have shamelessly embraced his deplorable  sentiment.

MauricioGarcia3 says:

DaveFrancis1 i m sure the shootings in the school and a lot of killings dont come from ILLEGAL INMIGRANTS OR LATINOS… F U BUD. YOU ARE JUST AS IGNORANT AS YOUR OWN NAME

AlexandraOnofre says:

It’s funny how people pride themselves in saying I’m American …America is a continent not a country therefore Mexicans, Canadians, and south Americans are Americans as well.

Trummmpper says:

TRUMP 2016    Hillary for Prison


DaveFrancis1  FUCK YOU



DaveFrancis1 says:

King Obama
stated at the Hispanic Caucus Institute anniversary awards, “The greatness
of America comes not from building walls.”

Well I
hate to contradict the President in my world, but it really does? That WALL
will make a massive difference to my family life; the crime, the hit and runs
and other mayhem caused by illegal immigrants/ migrants? This towering
structure spread along mostly 2000
miles in many places, but a small stream separating our
southern  neighbor will be a major
deterrent. It will stop whole families from crossing into our sovereign country
and of which we are forced by law to pay for their welfare benefits. It will
take time to climb over the wall and by than the courageous US Border Patrol will spot their
violation, assisted by all-seeing drones. I believe  Mr. Trump is the only person we have  as a new President who can stop the
deconstruction of our blessed country and will do exactly what he says?
We must
punish politicians who are in abeyance to the US Chamber of Commerce and other
Special interests who had some measure in not implementing Mandated E-Verify
and instead making it completely ineffectual to stop criminal employers for
hiring cheap labor. Additionally, a tracking exit and entry system at all
airports and other ports of entrance.
America desperately needs a tough guy as
Donald Trump. He is far from being a weaklings that roam Capital Hill,  that are open to the corruption that is
harvested by the wealthy and special Interests. Who knows what illegal
transactions happen behind closed doors to tender lawmakers votes by collecting
a piece of the lucrative pie dealt out? The establishment, the top professional
leaders in both parties, have their hands in some form of bribe.
Trump will have very experienced handlers and experts to assist him in every
issues, who will guide him through the matrix, to govern our nation.
another mounting issue that must not fade out, is the growing list of sanctuary
cities has  risen
to more than 340, and that the Obama Dept of Homeland Security has protected  an average of 1,000 illegal aliens a month
from deportation last year. More than 2,000 of those released have been
arrested for yet more criminal activities, according to a report released by
the Center for Immigration Studies. Among those released are illegal immigrants
accused of murder and brutal assaults and not doubt will flee to illegal
‘Sanctuary Cities’.
The rising
number of  sanctuary cities create a severe
threats to unsuspecting victims. S 2146, the Stop Sanctuary Policies and
Protect Americans Act, will guarantee that state and local
jurisdictions conform with federal law and that dangerous criminals are not
released to do more harm such as the killing of Kate Steinle in San Francisco (a model of Liberal progressives.)
 This bill will also includes “Kate’s
Law,” which will carry a minimum of 5 year prison sentence for
illegal aliens violating immigration laws for re-entering the U.S. after being convicted of
an aggravated felony.
S2146 legislation
will deny certain federal funds and grants from recognized sanctuary
cities, and send those resources to other states and communities that collaborate
with federal immigration authorities, such as ICE (Immigration & Customs
Federal tax
dollars should not go to ordinances protecting district that refuses to comply
with immigration detainers.
The Republicans, specifically the far Left Democrats  have spent three decades rejecting  to enforce the deportation laws. They are both
in connivance in the damage of this once great nation. In 2008 the whole facade
came to a head when the GOP establishment rebuffed  in exposing the duplicity in both parties and
the impostor who is too soft to run this country. We have seen it with
countries who arm terrorists like IRAN. Now the GOP have
placed us in danger of never winning any state or presidential election again.  There will  surely be massive voter fraud on the part of
the Democrats, who will utilize illegal aliens to vote in any election. Without
some kind of official ID card, non citizens will use fraudulent  absentee ballots or many other ways of
cheating the system.
apportionment of seats in Congress is another paramount problem, that must be
resolved. I heard that immigrants (and illegal aliens) in California are counted in the apportionment of
seats. So with the overwhelming number of foreign nationals in California they gained extra seats, whereas
small states as Wyoming receive fewer seats? This is very
bad news for the GOP and this is a calculated by the Democrats who are
deceiving us.
Americans are not really aware, that the president isn’t elected
by a popular vote. The Oval office goes to the contender who wins the majority
of the 538 Electoral College votes, and these “electoral” votes are not equal
in every state, which is to me wrong. It gives states with millions of illegal
aliens unfair advantage and cancels out the smaller states across the country.  IT COULD MEAN A ONE PARTY SYSTEM, WITH THE

 The Republicans are not thinking straight as
they are more interested in the cheap labor aspect of the invaders of our
homeland. So could illegal
immigrants and refugees help put Hillary Clinton in the White House next year?
The answer is a huge Yes, because the nation’s Electoral College system is
specifically made for Democrats when combined with the mass immigration
policies since 1986 with the first Amnesty? The US immigrant population
– legal and illegal – enlarged to a record 42.4 million in July of
2013, an amplified by 2.4 million since July of 2010. The 42.4 million is
double the number in 1990, triple the number in 1980 and quadruple the number
in 1970, according to Census data. That’s if you have credence in the Census
numbers, which I don’t. Illegal aliens not tracked, no identified by the Census
takers could be in the millions?
legislators think that the American peoples will comes second in issues. The Democrats have shown their true colors
under King Obama, that they are more favorable to illegal aliens than our Vets,
senior citizens and a portion of citizens surviving on a poverty level. The
Republicans (not Tea Party) are accommodating Silicon Valley, Wall Street and their beloved
wealthy donors.
is terminal under people like Hillary Clinton, Jeb Bush who are begging for
more money from their Special interests via their lobbyists, are going plaster
the media with anti-Trump advertisements. I have found in my neighborhood that
some of friends, even co workers have who never bothered to vote are for the
first time  going to register and vote
for Donald Trump.

jonmoor says:

She has a job in Public Relations. See her discus profile. In top left corner is says “Public Relations”.