Apparently Hollywood Can’t Even Find White Mexican-American Actors to Play White Mexican-Americans

#OscarsSoWhite. Oscars most definitely white.

The latest example comes from Tre’vell Anderson of The Los Angeles Times, who yesterday wrote a piece about how British actor Charlie Hunnam will play the lead role of Mexican-American Edgar Valdez Villarreal in “American Drug Lord.” Valdez Villarreal is the Texas-born drug smuggler who was extradited to the United States last year. Valdez Villarreal is known as “La Barbie” for his light skin, blonde hair and blue eyes. This is him:


This is Hunnam:

(Credit: Gage Skidmore)

(Credit: Gage Skidmore)

This is social media pretty much slamming Hollywood for this decision:

Because it is so hard to find a white Mexican-American actor in Southern California these days, right? But hey, this is Hollywood where things like this happen all the time. Case in point:

We give up.


Isn't this still America? Isn't someone who puts up their money allowed to hire whoever they want for any job they choose? Make your own movie.



More of the same, old same old. There are some of us, who speak up about this exclusion. However most are like Lorena. They make excuses, without any knowledge of the ground zero aspect of this problem. The inequity in this country is clear as day. If other cultures peoples, look like us, then we look like them. Over and over again, they play us, in the lead, starring roles, making the big money. Yet, we hardly and I mean hardly ever play them. This is inequity. Furthermore, England does not allow other peoples, from other countries, to act in movies, TV shows, and stage productions, in their country. They can come here, and take an American's job, yet we cannot go to their country, and compete for any of their jobs. Inequity. In the rare cases, where there is an exception (Shirley Maclaine in Downton Abbey and Kevin Spacey on stage at the Vic), the English Parliament has to pass a resolution, to allow them to work as actors, in England. INEQUITY. Why does this happen? Self loathing and colonialism. People such as Lorena, prefer the Anglo man, to their own men. They look up to them, adore them, while at the same time, dissing their own men, of their own culture. However, the colonialism is the most egregious problem. We, especially Chicano youth, love the Hollywood movies, that do not include us, in the stories, where we should be. Any movie, set in the Southwest, should not reflect, an all white world. Our youth, go see these movie, with not a whim of critical thought. They are unable to see the colonialism, that they are participating in. They fund, their own exclusion. One of my second cousins, when confronted with this exclusion, stated loudly, that she would prefer seeing a Johnny Depp, to any Chicano actor. This is self loathing. Excusing this actor, for playing us, is going along with our marginalization and exclusion. The fact of the matter, is we are as good as any of them. This guy, couldn't touch my work in TRUE BLOOD. . Get real, gente, We are just as good as any of them. What is being stolen from us, is not just a role. The Dos Equis Guy, is played by a Jewish man. He makes 12 million dollars per year. So, he must donate 2.5 million to charities, to offset his tax liability. If it was one of us, who was the Dos Equis Guy, we would be donating 2.5 million a year, to our communities. Lastly, the Jewish actor, does not speak Spanish, so this campaign, does not work, South of the border. That is plain dumb. If it was one of us, we could do the campaign in Spanish and English. Why is this okay with us? Why do some of us, excuse this? Can you say, SELF LOATHING? Please, gente love your people, and make a stand, or this shit, will continue and continue, as it has for my entire 35 year career. Jeez, with gente like Lorena, who needs enemies? Wake up, Raza. We are just as good and just as worthy as anyone. Love your gente, and you love yourself.

Oh, if it were not so destructive, to our acting and general community, I could laugh at it. It is incredibly destructive, and making light of it, is part of the problem. I believe you intend no malice, in your posts. However, this exclusion is extremely hurtful to us and our community. Forever, Affleck, will be Chicano hero, Tony Mendez, in ARGO. They get to play Batman, and the lead Latino heroes, while we play the step and fetch it roles. Once I complete, our movie, THE LAST BROWN BERET, I hope to effect some change on this issue, in a positive manner, for our gente. I do not have the funding of the Anglo and Jewish producers, but I attended UCLA film school, on a full scholarship, and I am a damn good film maker. Against all odds, we are close to completing a wonderful movie, about Raza, starring Raza, shot by Raza, written by Raza, produced by Raza, and acted by Raza. Unlike the Anglos do to us, I do not exclude them, from our stories. That would be silly, racist and exclusionary. However, they play small Anglo roles, and the Chicanos in our story, play the lead, Chicano roles. This is loving our gente. We lead by example. Adelante, and do not support movies or TV shows, where, others play our lead roles. If you do, you are paying for our exclusion, and that is self hatred. Enough said. Good luck to all.