What Donald Trump Means for Undocumented People Like Me

Juan Escalante

Juan Escalante

Donald Trump and the Republican Party are threatening the livelihood of millions of immigrants across the country.

Trump’s recent victory in Nevada is proof of how xenophobia and anti-immigrant hatred are pushing the Republican Party further to the right.

Plain and simple, electing any of the leading Republican candidates as the next President would be disastrous for immigrant families.

Donald Trump’s extreme immigration proposals continue inspire his supporters to act violently against minorities, while other Republican presidential candidates like Marco Rubio and Ted Cruz renew their pledges to end and repeal DACA and DAPA on day one of their administration.

With each passing day, Republicans continue to talk about their plans to deport millions of hardworking immigrants families. It is this type of anti-immigrant rhetoric that continues to divide our communities, and threaten to separate and deport families like mine.

I recorded the following video to help illustrate what’s at risk for immigrants like myself, and to let you know what we can do to protect our friends and family against the anti-immigrant attacks from Republicans.

As you know, there are currently 11 million people living in the United States without papers who, like myself, deserve a life of dignity and respect. That’s why we fought and ultimately won pro-immigrant programs like DACA and DAPA.

However, Republicans like Donald Trump, Marco Rubio,and Ted Cruz are continuing to unleash an unprecedented attack on immigrants across the United States and now he is the leading Republican candidate for President.

In the coming weeks, America’s Voice will launch a campaign to help protect DACA and DAPA. Currently, DACA provides me with a driver’s license, a work permit, and the ability to live without the constant fear of deportation. The same could be true millions of undocumented parents who would qualify for DAPA; however, a Republican led lawsuit continues to stand in the way of their relief.

I am confident that if we work together over the next several months, we can ensure that the next President will stand with immigrants like me, my family, and the 11 million people living in the United States without papers.

The stakes could not be higher for the immigrant community. My ability to remain in the United States hinges on the the 2016 general election, which is why I hope you will join America’s Voice in the coming weeks.

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