Fan Calls Out Racist Trump Chant at Boston Celtics Game

UPDATE: We spoke with Elvis Jocol Lara here.

Last night in Boston, the Boston Celtics played the New York Knicks in an NBA game and according to the public Facebook post of one fan, Elvis Jocol Lara of El Mundo, something ugly happened when the Knicks’ José Calderón (who is from Spain, by the way) got called for a foul:

At the Boston Celtics game tonight. Jose Calderón commits a foul and these two guys start yelling “Trump,” and “build the wall,” while trying to start the chant among other fans. I shut that shit down right away. They started throwing F bombs at me and telling me to go back to Mexico and to make some tacos. Eventually I got sick of their shit and got their asses thrown out.

Thankfully these were the only two assholes that tried it. Other fans joined me in telling them to be quiet. We can’t be quiet about this shit and sit idly by while racism becomes openly accepted. Thank you to TD Garden security for being swift in ejecting them and to the other decent people who demonstrated that this garbage won’t be accepted in Boston.

If there was any doubt that Trump represents hate and racism, let this serve notice that he most certainly does. Please share this guy’s picture and let it serve notice to others that this won’t be tolerated.

Here is the photo of the two fans that was also posted on Facebook:

Good riddance.

By the way, that post is starting to make the rounds on Facebook. And there is more to this story, as this later post shows:

Earlier I posted about an ugly racist incident with fans at the Boston Celtics game. Two despicable people chanted “Trump” and “Build the wall” at the lone player on the court with a Latino last name… and then proceeded to yell racist things at me when I confronted them.

Here’s the flipside. This is Nicholas Boretti from the south shore. Nicholas was very vocal and stood up with me to confront the racist duo. Others stood up and said something or thanked me afterwards for saying something.

I continue to believe that there are more good than bad in this world. We need more love, less hate. Just as I asked to share the previous post, please share this one. I’ll be writing a piece for El Mundo later.


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