What ‘s It Like to Be STEREOTYPED?

Props to our friends at NPR’s Latino USA for going places few Latino outlets dare to enter: the very complicated world of Latino stereotypes. Besides exploring real discussions about the “Latin Lover” and the “Latina Bombshell,” the show also provided a fascinating look into the history of the “Sleeping Mexican” statue as well as a really really honest conversation about how Latinos tend to stereotype other Latinos. A really strong listen, so enjoy!

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Greg Medina
Greg Medina

I don't know where those "La Tino Outlets" fear to go regarding stereo-types because whenever I am tuned into ANY "La Tino" blog,  (Latino Rebels, Salon, Politico or the WORST  of all for degrading stereo-types...Huffington Post")...or...La Tino" TV program or...."La Tino" NPR program, they are NOTHING but dripping in stereo-types in the form of "La Tino" cliches, caricatures and cartoon characters.  

To refer to these "venues", apparently, "we" still cannot speak English without sounding like a Cheech & Chong movie or like Sophia Vergara vacuuming in 12" stiletto heels and a satin leopard bustier and cheetah thong.

"We" apparently STILL cannot pry ourselves from the Taco Bell drive-up window or they Goya supermarket aisle for our cultnary adventures....or... "we" are constantly fretting about what side of our ass to ink with a tattoo of Our Lady of Guadalupe...talk about stereo-types. 

And why even begin to cite the faux-importance of 3rd rate Hollow-Wood "celebrities" crying about their faux-oppression from behind the wheel of their 7-figure Maserati convertibles.

With VERY few exceptions, The "La Tino" guests, community "leaders", "experts" or "spokes-clowns" are either whining about nothing other than ILLEGALS whose first civic act in the US is to wipe their culos with American immigration law or they're whining about the faux-Racism they endure (while living in their gated All-White neighborhoods) or complaining about how they suffer "oppression" in the US, despite the fact they sneaked into the US and have ignored every law of legal entry on the books because they consider those laws "racist" plots against them.

And do we even have to discuss the more than obvious never-ending "La Tino"  drone about how we are all the same, have the same cultural reference, have the same ethnic background, have the same historical background and of course are interchangeable cogs on the wheel of racial reference.  You know how it goes...the culture of Panama = Puerto Rico = Paraguay = Peru = Pago Pago.

My advice to Latino USA is to actually seek the truth of our REAL diversity above the level of MADE-IN-KOREA "authentic" pinatas at Wal-Mart or just be quiet about the "La Tinos".  

You do nothing more than promote stereo-types yourselves and Hinojosa has already proven that she is not one to EVER discuss our REAL diversity, but rather how we are all the same, which we have NEVER been in FIVE centuries.

Ya basta con las babosidades de calle de vendepatria "La Tinos" genericos.