Residente: ‘Hillary Clinton Does Not Deserve My Vote’


The South Bronx united on Thursday to support Bernie Sanders at New York rally. The surprise of the night came from former Calle 13’s vocalist, Residente, who delivered a speech detailing the reasons why he supports Bernie Sanders.

Full Transcript:

“Tonight, I’m not here to talk about economic issues, because I’m not an economist. I’m not here to talk about our right to free and quality education or free and accessible health care. I’m not here to talk about the commitment needed to save our environment from the pollution in order to save ourselves. I could speak of the racial injustice that people are suffering in this country and in the rest of the world, and of the need for comprehensive immigration reform. All of these are serious issues in America, but today I came here to speak briefly about the history of Puerto Rico and a little bit about the history of Latin America and why I’m here tonight in support of Bernie Sanders. I have traveled the world thanks to my music, and in traveling I have learned more about the world than I ever learned in college. My name is René, many also know me as Residente and I am from Puerto Rico.


Puerto Rico is a colony of the United States. We are the oldest colony in the world. For years, we have been used as an experimental island. From the medical experiments on our people to the chemical experiments on our land. From 1941-2003 on the island of Vieques, the United States Navy undertook a series of experiments with different chemical and biological weapons while using the island as a bombing range. To this day, the land and people of Vieques have not fully recovered from this devastation. There’s a Puerto Rican, a political prisoner, who has been incarcerated for over 34 years, longer than Nelson Mandela. His name: Oscar López Rivera, and he deserves to be free, today. More than 200,000 Puerto Ricans have served in the U.S. military. In our schools, children are taught more about U.S. history than the history of their own country. That is a colonial education. Without giving you exact numbers, I can tell you the U.S. gets more out of Puerto Rico economically than Puerto Rico receives from the U.S. We are currently living an unprecedented economic crisis and have the highest rates of poverty and unemployment of any other place in the U.S., yet the U.S. does not even allow us to restructure our debt. And this is the best one: People in Puerto Rico cannot vote for the President of the United States. In other words, we are not allowed to choose the person who makes crucial decisions regarding our country.


I didn’t come here to complain, but rather put things in proper context. You may wonder, what I’m doing here? A person like me with all this information has come to the Bronx to support a candidate for the U.S. presidency. I will explain. I support Bernie Sanders because he has been the only candidate with logical proposals and has expressed support with my country’s debt relief. He did not come up to support us now, in the middle of an election cycle to win votes, but he spoke out from the moment the economic crisis began. I support Bernie Sanders because I think he is the most honest candidate there is. I support Bernie Sanders because he is the only candidate who furiously stands up and defends human rights and the rights of the LGBT community.

I support Bernie Sanders because he has spoken out against those Latin American dictatorships financed by the United States which left more than half a million people dead or disappeared. He’s been opposed to a Pinochet in Chile, Ríos Montt in Guatemala, Videla in Argentina, just to name a few. I support Bernie Sanders because someone like Hillary Clinton does not deserve my vote. The thought of Hillary Clinton, who has dared to praise the likes of Henry Kissinger, the author of the most despicable Latin American genocide and the architect of Latin American dictatorship, responsible for all of those who disappeared in the 60’s, 70’s and 80’s, is enough for me not to vote for her. I’m not with her. It will represent an insult to consider yourself Latin American and vote for her.

Not just an insult to oneself, but for the many victims that still suffer from this history. An insult to countless children who have lost their parents and grandparents. I support Bernie Sanders because I believe there are still good people like him in this country. And when Sanders wins the upcoming election, people will see the United States in a different light. It will no longer be a country that invades, that provokes wars, that quiets people. It will not be a country that tortures or believes in colonies instead. The United States will be a country that strives for unity, equality and peace. If Bernie Sanders were Puerto Rican , I’m certain who would fight with all his mind and all his heart as many Puerto Ricans have done, to bring freedom and self-determination to his country. I am here like all of you to support Bernie Sanders because we all support change in the world. Thank you.”

René Pérez Joglar

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rikimaru says:

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And finally it came Spain’s turn. Persecution had occurred there on “ and off for over a century, and, after 1391, became almost incessant. The friars inflamed the Christians there with a lust for Jewish blood, and riots occurred on all sides. For the Jews it was simply a choice between baptism and death, and many of them submitted to baptism.
But almost always conversion on thee terms was only outward and false. Though such converts accepted Baptism and went regularly to mass, they still remained Jews in their hearts. They were called Marrano, ‘ Accursed Ones,’ and there were perhaps a hundred thousand of them. Often they possessed enormous wealth. Their daughters married into the noblest families, even into the blood royal, and their sons sometimes entered the Church and rose to the highest offices. It is said that even one of the popes was of this Marrano stock.

Bruni says:

Again with the hate retoric. How much does Berni pay you ??? Mean while the Senate and White House will in install a Financial Control Board. 4 Million PRs live hear and don’t have to work 3 jobs. Minimum wage went up to 15 dollars an hour. Ironically it’s the people from the Island who are doing well, opening up business and cultural programs here. I support them who are transitioning in a new territory.
Who wants to live near you or invest in you? Rickie Martin moved out of Rincon. Now Rihanna move there to take advantage of No Taxes. A Bonanza for private corperations. Ask Daddy Yankee for some off shore dough. BANCO Rene Lopez, or the local drug dealer and the BILLIONs in that underground economy.
A path for de colonization and self determination is what I want but I cant vote there. I can only hope that the people I do vote for bring some relief.
Keep that 73 Billion Free Associate State status and you will still be working 3 jobs while those Berni supporter gentrify the Island.
” I like the Island Manhattan
Smoke on your pipe and stick that in.”
-Anita in West Side Story

Greg Medina says:

Bruni …J-Low called she’s got a used thong for you to sell on EBay so you can fund that CUNY 3rd-Rate Nuyorican Pendejaces “department”…

Maybe if you actually did something productive other than trash REAL Puerto Ricans, like going to Puerto Rico and spending your dollars to support local economies, I might have a drop of respect for you.  

But like most Nuyoricans, you are a sorry, culturally-raped and afro-centricized and brainwashed sorry mess.  

Go wave your little flag at the Porqueria Day Parade in June and applaud the “real” Tainos from New Jersey jumping through hoops of fire and slithering under limbo-sticks, while doing hip-hop dance routines…yeah, that’s “authentic” all right…cafre sin verguenza e’ lo que ere’, chica…

Bruni says:

Now you sound like Trump. Rene Lopez and Dawson also go back to their mansion What is Berni gonna do? The restructure the debt is an act of congress. You are gonna work 2 more jobs with the next wavy of cuts to health care. Jlo has given to a Hospital in the Bronx and Mary J B has a girls leadership program in my District. Let them shake thir butts like Iris Chacon. They are investing in the community. The ghettos are gentrified here and nobody is moving to the Island. Who is investing in PR? Hedge funds . What is pathetic is having to work 3 jobs to maintain that gated community lifestyle. The new wave of migrants plant their flags and create community where ever they go. They are threaten with deportation when the sing the US national anthem like Marc Anthony and Jose Feliciano.
Is Rene Lopez gonna sing the star spangled banner for Berni? Rosario D .has a boycott for going negative . PR has been voting same common wealth since that first Morphine addicted governor Mu~noz Marin. Yorur children and grandchildren will still be paying off 73 billion dollar debt. You can still can move to the States and vote. Just don’t come the da Bronx, where we’ll kick you out of a cab, like Carmen Yulin. I’m o Feeling the Bern-OUT .

Greg Medina says:

Bruni Greg Medina…sure ’cause expecting young girls from Duh Bronx to aspire to make $200 Million shaking their asses is as intelligent and uplifting as expecting a Merry-go-Round horse to win the Kentucky Derby… get real…

YOU are exactly what holds those kids down…keeping them in the ghetto so you can justify your pathetic existence…And where is “Jenny” from the block? and Rosie?  

FAR, FAR away…not giving a damn about the kids still in their old neighborhoods with no scholarships, no help and no support….but keep your altar to  J-Low…as if she cares…

And stop blaming Puerto Rico for its debt…it is the result of the lop-sided, one-sided US-Friendly/Puerto Rico-Unfriendly tax/tariff arrangement and NOT the cause of any Insular “official” riding a golf cart in Palmas del Mar….a corrupt arrangement of over a century has finally caught-up with the Island and that is NOT the fault of the poor or middle class in Puerto Rico working 3 jobs to send their kids to school…you should be ashamed of yourself.  Now get back to your hip-hop and afro-centric Nuyorican stupor…I’ve seen all before.

Bruni says:

Greg Medina CUNY cut Puerto Rican Studies (except Hunter) and WAPA canceled “La Comay” . How do you expect to educated folks ? Jlo hangs in my office to show those girls how to make 200 Million and come from Da Bronx. Rene Lopez is supporting a Gringo, Punto! Go home and Support Alexandra Lugaro  for Governor instead. 

Fuente’s flower wilted long time ago. Those Island Ricans come to the South Bronx all the time seeking that congressional vote and hand outs. The South Bronx ,Serrano, Bklyn Velazgez, and Chicago, Gutierrez, and now Orlando, where ever they can find the vote. That’s why St Mary’s park is key for anyone looking for support. 
Whats prevalent in Puerto Rico the 73 billion dollar debt, the migration crisis, the underground economy , Drugs, Crime , no health came and that “WELFARE STATE” repeated over and over on the media.  500 years of that mentality. 

Mi Mejor Venganza sung by South Bronx India, I dedicate to Rene and that 1/2 Rican Rosario. “Que te quedes el” Gringo Berni.

Greg Medina says:


Ay mi’ja…cuentamelo to’o, sangana…

For those of us who aim higher for our understanding of the world and OUR place in it,  than the lyrics of 3rd rate “cantantes” screeching their talent in a 3rd world rat-hole or 3rd-rate or  “La Tina” faux-celebrities in Hollow-Wood, all I can say to you is what my Mallorca-born grandfather in Puerto Rico said to me as a little boy running on the beach naked (me not grandpa)…

“Mi’jo cuando el hombre pierde la verguenza, no hay NADIE que se la devuelva…NADIE!”

I suggest you look for your “verguenza”, porque e’ ma’ obvio que perdiste la tuya.

I think you have been living with illegals and chicano “scholars” a bit too long.  And as for J-Low…If that ghetto skank is who you look to for identity, then I suggest you keep looking for someone of higher character than hers and her blonde wigs..

May I suggest you look to Estevan Antonio Fuertes who founded the College of Engineering at an Ivy League school…Cornell University in the 1800s!!!

HE represents the flower of Puerto Rican initiative on a global scale and not Nuyoricans who think the Bronx is the capitol of Puerto Rico and J-Low’s ass is the Governor.

You won’t hear about him ever in the US, because he was a White Puerto Rican, was educated in Spain and spoke Spanish, English, German but not one word of ghetto-Rican and THAT picture is not the West Side Story of us in the American media or in Fort Apache the Bronx.

Now get back to your sidewalk chalupa stand and tell your “chicano” friends that you speak for YOURSELF and no other Puerto Ricans, especially those of us on the Island and I don’t mean Rikers!

Bruni says:

Greg Medina Bruni “Una Raza Unida”, is a phrase Rene Lopez and Ruben Blades use in their songs, pendjo!  Obama makes it to Cuba after years of protest at the Latin American Summit. Alba was created to protect Latin American interest.  “Si Se Puede” coined by Dolores Huerta come from the Cuban literacy program, “Yo Si Puedo” The only pinata I’m gonna hit has your face on it. I don’t worship Aztec Sun God. I buy tamales from a Mexican woman next to my school. That Chicano Hating mentality serves no one bro. I’m Puerto Rican, and still think that Rosario Dawson was wrong. I would respect her move if she played Ana Belen Montes (PR Political Prisioner) and not try to pass like a Chicana. Only Jlo can do that (Selena).

Bruni says:

VV4Change Bruni Rosario Dawson gets paid to play Dolores Huerta to later trash her. No respect for the elder. Disagree OK but be respectful. But don’t come to St Mary’s Park in South Bronx or Harlem without local input or leadership. She never once open a school, arts center or supported local leader here.
Rene wants to denounce his US citizenship and shouts obscenities in Cuba i (see his video). But to complain about not being able to vote, come on, that’s what the Republicans in Puerto Rico want (51st).  Revolutions are fought on the streets and not the vote. Mix message.

Greg Medina says:

Bruni …your fallacious “raza” fiction has NOT materialized in FIVE centruries, but keep hugging that styrofoam Aztec sun-god clock and papier mache MADE-IN-KOREA “authentic” pinata…the rest of the Latin world has moved on and has NO time for your 1960s, 3rd-rate “chcano” estupideces de calle…Maybe George Lopez might be interested…or his blonde, white wife.  Or perhaps Villa-Ray-Go-Go, if you can get his nose off of Hollywood’s coke-covered coffee tables.

VV4Change says:

Bruni You assume every Chican@ supports Dolores and Hillary. Nope. Julie Chavez Rodriguez, granddaughter of Cesar Chavez, backed Obama, as did many Chican@s. And this year, again, many have already turned away from Clinton, and anyone who endorses her is simply pitied, resented, or ignored.

And it wasn’t “bitching” – it was educating the millions who see his speech. Rene doesn’t need to move to make his opinion known. Our votes in the primary are counted. Educate yourself.

Hopefully all that misspelling of Rosario Dawson’s name was just typos.

Bruni says:

Can’t have it both ways Rene. Bitching about not being able to vote is PNP 51st PR sound bite. Voting for either candidate will not Change 100 years of a colony of the US. Puerto Ricans a fleeing the Island while the rich buy it up. Singing revolution will not solve the debt crisis. But if Rene moves to Orlando, then he can truly announce who is worthy of his vote.
PS: Tell your Pana Dosario Darson to produce a film on Lolita Lebron instead of acting Dolores Huerta to later insult her. We need to mend fences with Chicanos and others to create Latino America empowerment Simon Bolivar spoke about. UNA RAZA UNIDA bro….

VV4Change says:

Wepa! El gran poeta Boricua, thank you compay! Thank you for educating, for your activism, and your music. Never stop. And you brought that to the park where I played as a little girl. Regresa a esa perla en el mar con nuestro carino. Nuyoricans never forget.

AdaSouthwick says:

Awe inspiring amazing, uplifting and uniting. Love to all of you my brothers and sisters in New York from your old Quaker sister in Seattle. We love you. Bernie or Bust!

AdaSouthwick says:

Awe inspiring Rosario. What a speech.