‘Donald Trump, Build That Wall’ Chants Aimed at Black and Latina HS Soccer Players

Another example of Donald Trump’s America reared its ugly head this week, as the following local report from Wisconsin’s WISC-TV explains. The original story can be accessed here and to be honest, do we really need to explain how wrong this is? Many thanks to the WISC-TV team for doing this story. It’s an important one.

"Donald Trump, Build That Wall" Chants at High School Soccer Game

The following video clip from WISC-TV / Channel 3000 features a local Wisonson high school coach who said that his black and Latina players experience slurs such as "Donald Trump, build that wall," during a game. The girls walked off the field. Original story is here: http://m.channel3000.com/news/district-investigating-racist-chants-directed-at-beloit-soccer-players/38950592

Posted by Latino Rebels on Tuesday, April 12, 2016


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