New Campaign Launched to Build a Wall at Republican Convention in Cleveland

Donald TrumpDonald Trump

We get pitched all the time, and earlier this week one of our organizer friends sent us an Indiegogo link that is trying to build a wall for Donald Trump, but instead of Mexico, the wall would be built in Cleveland, site of this years’s Republican National Convention.

Here is part of what the campaign says:

In this brutal and often depressing 2016 Presidential election we are not being reminded of how far we’ve come, instead we’re left wondering – how did we get here? Mr. Trump is right. We do need some walls. We need some bottom lines. But instead of building a wall with our neighbor, let’s build a wall around the hate, xenophobia, scapegoating and racism of Mr. Trump’s platform. We thought, what better place than Cleveland, OH when Mr. Trump is being crowned candidate of the GOP. This summer, let’s wall off hate.

In case you are wondering, what would a contribution mean to the campaign right now?

By pitching in, you’ll help us garner the materials and people power to send a powerful message. As soon as we get the basics sketched out and planned, we’ll be putting out an invitation for those who want to be on-hand in Cleveland to build it. Look out for updates and send ideas our way! In addition to pitching in, please spread the word to your networks and communities.

There you have it. To learn more, go here.

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