WTF: There’s Now a Gigantic Christopher Columbus Statue in Puerto Rico

In case you missed it, the following video is real. Yes, this gigantic Christopher Columbus statue by Russian sculptor Zurab Tsereteli is in Arecibo, Puerto Rico. It was unveiled last week.

The sculpture is called “The Birth of the New World” and it’s even taller than the Statue of Liberty. And according to reports, Puerto Rico accepted the statue only after cities such as Columbus, Ohio, New York, Boston, Cleveland, Fort Lauderdale and Miami all said no.

Leave it to Puerto Rico to say yes. Because you know, this is Puerto Rico we are talking about, where down is up and up is down. Can it be any more fitting that one of the world’s oldest colonies has decided to celebrate history’s most notorious colonizer and murderer of indigenous peoples? Only in Puerto Rico.

Hit it, Gollum:


As a Taino - a native of Borike (the real name of Puerto Rico), I am astounded by the ignorance and foolishness of the commenters.

That same European setup - the entirety of all it entails - allows for poverty, hunger, discrimination - all of which help breeds anger and angst and has led to the modern day crisis that Borike is in now. Before Columbus, the indigenous of the lands - the Taino/Arawaks - had (and still have) their own system of governing and government which ensured none went hungry, all were provided for and taken care of, and the well being of each individual and the people as a whole was tended to so that no person felt ostracized or imbalanced. These people had and still have their own spritual beliefs, lived where they pleased, fished and hunted without need of permits, married whom they wanted, and fresh water was always close by. Your point of "vestiture" is moot as there was no need for it, and honestly still is no need for it given the climate. If a person wanted to wear clothing, they could use what the earth provided to procure themselves something. Furthermore, our history and heritage was given by word of mouth, it was the Europeans who felt the need to write things down; the Natives of the Americas - North and South - understand the power of words. The act of story telling allowed for the community to get together as a whole and bond through the stories of our ancestors. Those crude drawings you sneer at are our artistic representation. Those beads and shells you scoff at are our way of bartering, because small bits of paper and metal or in this day plastic really don't have much more meaning (at least we can wear the beads). I could go on, but my point has been stated.It has nothing to do with race - it has to do with the fact that 500 years ago, Columbus saled to the Americas and (while he may not by his own hand have committed the atrocities of rape or murder) helped start a movement which ended up with the genocide of millions of indigenous peoples, many cultures, and theft of land, and that his statue stands on the very land he first screwed over. It saddens me that the people have accepted it, but there are just as many who do not want it there and have been petitioning to have it removed.And for those of you praising him, remember that you live on land stolen from the Natives of whom your ancestors raped, killed, enslaved, and even stole their offspring. If the earth could talk, it would have to cough up their blood first.Take your ignorance, foolishness, and hate elsewhere.


@AnakarayaJuboNi You're not a Taíno, guaranteed. But if you are please visit your local University. They'd love to have some live Taíno DNA to study. It would be the discovery of the decade and you'll become a celebrity. You could use that fame to go on TV shows to spread your message. 

Let's face it. You're as much of a descendant of those evil Europeans as the rest of us are.

Greg Medina
Greg Medina

@AnakarayaJuboNi ...if you want to read "ignorance and foolishness", I suggest you re-read your "babosidades de calle que escribiste aqui."...another Taino from Noo Jerzee...OMG!

Aren't you embarrassed yet?

Was that you at the Puerto Rican Day Parade with Peacock feathers sticking  out of your ass, doing Apache Rain Dances and wearing Hopi War Paint in a grass-skirt?

The only problem with that  "authentic Taino" spectacle is:

1. There were NEVER any Peacocks in Puerto Rico until the 1950s when the Hilton Brothers brought them to the Island for their hotel lobbies and golf courses.

2. NO ONE in Puerto Rico has ever danced for rain because it rains every day!

3. Meso-American natives NEVER made it to Puerto Rico because maritime travel was not exactly one of their strengths in the Grand Canyon!

4. The grass that typically grows along the shores in Puerto Rico is so short, Tainos like you would be wearing very short thongs when you wrestle sharks in front of the Marriot Couryard...que payaso eres chico!

Yours is the product of  culturally-hi-jacked identity politics. So sad,,,