In Just 48 Hours, the Very Real Story of Gaspar Marcos Has Gotten Close to 6 Million Facebook Views

In case you have not been on Facebook since Friday, you might have missed the following video from The Los Angeles Times about Gaspar Marcos. According to the Times, “in Los Angeles’ Belmont High, nearly 1 in 4 of the school’s estimated 1,000 students came from Central America — many of them as unaccompanied minors.”

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Greg Medina
Greg Medina

When will we read a story about the IRRESPONSIBLE, BRUTAL and SAVAGE "parents" that throw these innocent kids into this nightmare?  Do those animals just a get a politically-over-corrected "pass" while the kids are thrown into the path of drugs, violent crime, kiddy-sex-trade?

This is NOT Journalism and it certainly holds NO answers to the pain these kids are deliberately put into! 

Are the kids no more than human garbage thrown across the border by their loving "families" for Uncle Sam to take care of?

This is NOT the whole story!  Meanwhile these kids suffer very real pain and abuse everyday.  Let's start talking about how to STOP this and not indulge the public in fairy tales about how these kids "just happen" to be victims.  They were put DELIBERATELY in this is NOT an accident.

Time to stop the finger-pointing.  We all KNOW who is responsible for this mess...and it is NOT the kids!

He might have gotten 6 MILLION "views"...too bad his "parents" are not among them.

Greg Medina
Greg Medina

Sam...and that may be...we have no way to verify that...but is that why ALL the other kids are in this situation? Perhaps if we entertained solutions and preventive strategies to keep other kids from landing in this endless nightmare, instead of entertaining internet fictions, there would be fewer kids in this hell.  Now get back to Starbucks.