A #NoMames to Ralph Alvarado, the Latino Kentucky State Senator Who Spoke at RNC (VIDEO)

In case you missed part of the Republican National Convention last night in Cleveland, here is Kentucky state senator Ralph Alvarado, who has no problem saying that he is a “legal” Hispanic or that this whole national dialogue should center around “legal Hispanics.”

For the record, Alvarado’s family comes from Costa Rica and Argentina. In case you are keeping score, according to Pew, 243,000 people of Argentinian descent were living in the United States in 2013. That’s about 34 million behind people of Mexican descent. Pew doesn’t even list Costa Ricans.


Would have been nice for Alvarado to take the opportunity to denounce Trump for his anti-Mexican comments. But we guess that is beneath him.

No wonder Republicans don’t take Latinos seriously. We don’t stand together when we need to. Even when Alvarado sorta kinda speaks out against Trump’s comments about Judge Gonzalo Curiel, when it comes to the speech, he stays silent so as not to “offend” Trump.

And if you are REALLY worried about fleeing oppression, where were the words about the Central American migrant crisis? You know Central America, right, state senator? It’s where your family is from.

No mames, state senator Alvarado.

Greg Medina
Greg Medina

Maybe because his background is from Argentina and Costa Rica, which are 2 European-dominant descendant Latin American countries, he just doesn't relate to brown, illegal alien, Mexican border-jumper politics?

Oh, that's right...he can't think for himself or speak from his own AUTHENTIC experience or perspective because the generic-one-size-fits-nadie "La Tino" identity gate-keepers do that for all the  BILLIONS of us from Latin American backgrounds!  Seriously?

What a joke!  I guess to be a real "La Tino" one has to identify with illegals, brown Mexicans, J-Low's ass and Selena's latest tramp-stamp tattoo. 

This guy speaks for himself and that's it.  Everyone else should do the same.

NO ONE holds the key to the "La Tino" kingdom...NO ONE!  Not even anonymous "rebels" in the Chupacabra internet.

Ya basta con la baba politica de los "latinos" genericos...que poca cosa se han puesto aqui...se deben de aborchornar ya.